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Book Buddies Book Buddies is an exciting project that we offer to a selection of local primary schools.  It consists of primary students usually from Years 2 and 3, who would benefit from some extra literacy time being buddied with sixth form students. The aim is to allow the younger student to choose a book and to then listen as it is read to them before discussing its meaning with you. For more confident readers they may choose to read to you too. This will enable the younger student to be immersed in literacy and to be able to develop their language and communication skills.  This is in addition to having valuable one to one time with you, an older student. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

This is open to new and existing Book Buddies!

Please note that this requires committed students who will be ambassadors for the College at other schools

Certificate in Financial Studies Students will learn the general principles of managing personal finance and the course covers paying tax, getting mortgages, taking out loans, the importance of pensions and the different types, and making savings and investments. The course also covers the wider world of finance such as what is inflation, exchange rates, and how the UK Government manages and regulates the financial system. There is only a small Maths content and this covers how to calculate tax and National Insurance. Up to 20 UCAS points (on the new tariff) can be gained depending on the final grade which is similar to any other AS level course. There are 4 exams in total. A multiple choice and essay in January and a multiple choice and essay in May. Re-sitting is allowed for each exam but only once. Once the Certificate has been completed students may take the Diploma in Finance in Year 13 which is an equivalent to an A2. 3 Terms

2 Lessons per Week

Not open to new students after Autumn term

Contemporary British Theatre – Play Reading for Fun This Elective will give you the opportunity to read and learn about different styles of Contemporary British Theatre. Characters and plots will be analysed within the sessions, developing a broader knowledge of 21st Century Theatre. You will explore ‘In-Yer-Face’ Theatre and the writers’ intentions behind the text. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

If you completed this Elective in the Autumn but would like to continue with it, please see Miss Stirk first

Conversational Italian Are you interested in finding out more about Italian language and culture? Do you enjoy going on holiday to Italy, and want to get by with the language? In this elective course you will learn how to communicate in a variety of social situations, such as describing yourself, talking about daily activities, ordering food and drinks in an Italian restaurant, giving and getting directions and booking a room in a hotel. At the end of this course you will have acquired basic Italian grammatical structures and the necessary vocabulary to communicate about everyday situations, while getting a real taste of Italian culture!


  • Greetings, goodbyes and other social expressions
  • Family and personal details
  • Numbers, dates, time, colours
  • Daily routine, free time and hobbies / likes and dislikes
  • Out and about (in the cafe/restaurant, directions, shopping, booking a room in a hotel)
1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

This is not open to students who have already done this elective.

Current Affairs Want to better understand the world you live in? We will look at variety of big issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The role of Russia in the modern world, the freedom of the press, global warming, youth crime figures and much more will all be explored from political, economic, social, environmental and ethical perspectives. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Current Debates in UK and World Politics Politics is a fascinating and complex subject; a subject that both unites and divides people. An introduction to politics will provide you with a grasp of some of its underlying principles and systems. As well as teaching you about how Jersey and the UK are governed, you’ll also learn about how we currently integrate with the EU and the potential changes brought about by Brexit. We will also look at how UK and world politics has evolved in the last few years and the challenges democracy faces both at home and abroad.In short, you’ll cover a number of different aspects of how government and politics work, and gain a different perspective on how politicians reach the decisions that affect every aspect of our lives. All you need to bring with you is an opinion and a willingness to take part in political debate 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Cult Films This elective course is designed as an introduction to some famous (and some not so well-known) films that have proved to be very influential on other movie-makers. We will be looking at the work of several ‘cult’ directors, actors and cinematographers who have produced work which falls outside the mainstream Hollywood style, so expect the unexpected, the weird and wonderful, the dream-like, the shocking, the visionary and the downright strange. If you are serious about film, you will enjoy this! 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Dystopian Literature and Totalitarian Societies We will read together texts such as One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich which is the story of labor-camp inmate Ivan Denisovich Shukhov. It graphically describes his struggle to maintain his dignity in the face of communist oppression and is an unforgettable portrait of the entire world of Stalin’s forced work camps,

We will also look at a range of other novels which link to this novella including: Sofia Petrovna by Lydia Chukovskaya, 1984 by George Orwell and Red Notice by Bill Browder.

1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Cost: £20 approx. for books

Extended Project Qualification An EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) is a BIG independent project for which you’ll earn an AS-level once completed (up to 28 UCAS points). It involves either writing a 5000 word essay or making an ‘artefact’ – this can be a piece of artwork, object or a documentary – and an accompanying short essay. You will have a supervisor to help you, but you’ll have to do most of it in your own time, so you need to be able to organise your other subjects and commitments around this. The best thing about an EPQ is that you can choose your topic and project title. As long as your topic gives you enough to talk about in an ‘academic’ style, you can do whatever you want! Also, they’re useful for University and Employment applications as you do your own research in a chosen subject to above A-Level standard so it gives you the opportunity to really impress them with your research and presenting skills. If you choose a topic you enjoy and you keep on top of what you have to do, it’s amazing to be in charge of a whole subject for yourself. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Not open to new students

Female Film Directors Understand the importance of the emerging voice of female auteurs and diversity in the film industry. Screenings of a range of films directed by women alongside discussions of industry context. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Further Maths A Level Further Mathematics is a full A Level and a 2 year course. It can only be taken by students studying A level Mathematics. As well as  new areas of Pure Mathematics students study further applications of mathematics in two of Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Mathematics. In the first year students study Matrices, Complex Numbers, Roots of Polynomials, Proof, and Decision Mathematics. In Year 2, students extend their study of Pure Maths and study either Further Mechanics or Further Statistics. 2 Years

4 Lessons per Week

Not open to new students after Autumn term

Jèrriais V’nez pâler l’Jèrriais!

It is the native and historical language of our island! Knowing Jèrriais is still relevant today as it gives us a better understanding of our history, geography and traditions. It also contributes to embrace our local identity and to reinforce our feeling of belonging to the community.Our classes are fun, communicative and they aim to enable students to understand speak the language promptly.

1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Jobs for the Girls Learn the skills to stand out from the crowd of applicants when applying for jobs, gain that interview and get the job! In this Elective you will learn how to create your CV, write an engaging letter of application and learn tips to use in future interviews. The course will take you through each step of the process and will culminate in a real interview where you have the opportunity to be the interviewer and the interviewee. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Jean-Paul Sartre and Existentialism Reading and discussion of this important philosopher. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Living Away from Home We will focus on developing and extending students’ practical cooking skills and building their self-confidence so that they are well prepared before transitioning to University. We will look at budgeting for food, how to shop wisely as well as what equipment is best to buy when initially leaving home. The course will also provide students with knowledge of how they can take control of their health and wellbeing. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

This Elective is not open to students who have already completed it in a previous term

This Elective will begin earl, during lunchtime, to allow enough time to prepare food

Mandarin The most widely spoken language in the world?

Why would you not want to study mandarin and have an insight into one of the richest cultures in the world. Mandarin may be easier than you think – no verbs, no plurals, no tenses … But there over 80,000 characters.  Learning mandarin will keep your brain well-oiled and give you the opportunity to achieve the HSK1 qualification.

1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

If you were on this Elective in the Autumn and are working towards the qualification, you need to select it again

New students are welcome if they are prepared to do extra work to catch up

Maths for Science This is a course for students studying Biology, Geography and Psychology. There are a number of statistical tests that are used in Biology, Geography, Psychology and many other fields of study. Even if you study A level Maths you probably will not meet some of these techniques. This elective will introduce you to the key concepts and techniques. Examples will be based on past exam questions in a range of subjects: what you learn will be relevant to your A level. There is no qualification, but your grade at A level may improve. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

If you are one of the students at whom this Elective is aimed and you did not complete it in the Autumn, please sign up for the Spring

Maths Support Providing support for younger learner studying Maths at Grainville School 1 Term

1 Lessons per Week

Please note that this requires committed students who will be ambassadors for the College at other schools

Music Performance Performance and rehearsal practice for auditions, grade exams, house music solos and A level recitals. Feedback and critique from peers and music staff.
Support and practice for additional tests for grade exams including aural, sight reading, dictation, technical exercises/studies and scales.
1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Our Place in Society By exploring the presentation of women in traditional and modern (social) media, we will discuss how to navigate our place in modern society: how to challenge harassment; stereotypical attitudes; body image; work and pay; gender identity and sexuality. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Project Me The course will take students on a journey in developing their self confidence and self esteem and understanding how to manage and regulate emotions so that they can maximise their mental

health and wellbeing. They will learn about the power of the mind in driving behaviour, and the importance of developing a positive relationship with self in order to really experience happiness and be their best self

1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

No more than 10 students

TEFL This is a whole year course for those wishing to complete the qualification. Through the course, you will learn how to teach English to speakers of other languages. This would be a fantastic skill and qualification to have if you would like to travel or live in another country. It would also provide skills that would be useful in a future teaching career. Even if you are not considering teaching English in the future, this would certainly help you to know your own language better and fine tune your grammatical knowledge. As part of the elective, you can follow the online TEFL qualification with i-to-i, click here . Completion of the course would qualify you to teach English as a foreign language. The course is assessed with an online test, followed by completion of a lesson plan and essay. In the summer term, there may be the opportunity for those who are keen to undertake some lesson observation and teaching with the EAL (English as Another Language) team in Jersey, supporting primary school children whose native 3 Terms

1 Lesson per Week

Highly motivated students could begin this elective in the Spring: speak to Mrs Vernaglione before making this choice

Cost of £80 for the course

The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour Do you ever wonder what drives people to commit crime? Is it nature or nurture that shapes criminal behaviour? This taster course will introduce you to one of the most fascinating applications of psychology – examining and tackling criminal behaviour. We will explore some of the most controversial case studies when investigating issues, such as the relationship between psychology and the criminal justice system, police investigation, offender profiling and crime analysis, lie detection and false confessions, expert witnesses, jury behaviour, criminal thinking styles and last, but not least, the rehabilitation of complex offenders. You should choose to take this course if you have an inquiring mind and are interested in the complex explanations for why people engage in crime or if you wish to pursue a career in a psychological, forensic or criminal justice related setting. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

This Elective is not open to students who have already completed it in a previous term

South Africa Expedition Preparation for the Summer 2019 Sixth Form Expedition 2 Terms

1 Lesson per Week

If you are going on the Expedition, and you are not doing either CFS or Further Maths, you must sign-up for this Elective

This Friday session runs 1330-1430

Ultimate Frisbee Students will learn the basics of Ultimate (also known as Ultimate Frisbee). This game is increasingly popular at British Universities, with over 80 institutions currently competing in the University Division. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

No more than 16 students

Yoga Yes, yoga can increase your flexibility, improve your balance and decrease your cholesterol. BUT it can also help your brain and improve learning memory, as well as, reduce fear, anxiety and stress. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Open to new and exisiting students: please sign up to one session only

The Friday session runs 1330-1430

Max. 15 students in each session



Monday P3

Tuesday P2

Thursday P4

Friday P5

Book Buddies Miss Rollo

Certificate in Financial Studies Mrs Jervis Mrs Jervis

Contemporary British Theatre – Play Reading for Fun Mrs Stirk

Conversational Italian Visiting Teacher

Current Affairs Mr Bidmead

Current Debates in UK and World Politics Mr Herbert

Cult Films Mrs Le Feuvre

Dystopian Literature and Totalitarian Societies Mrs Hotton

Extended Project Qualification Mr Aguiar

Female Film Directors Miss Hearn

Further Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths

Jèrriais Visiting Teacher

Jobs for the Girls Mr McGarva

Jean-Paul Sartre and Existentialism Mr Langhorn

Living Away from Home Mrs De Louche

Mandarin Visiting Teacher

Maths Support Miss Rollo

Maths for Science Dr Barker

Music Performance Mrs Le Feuvre

Our Place in Society Ms Duncan

Project Me Visiting Teacher

TEFL Mrs Vernaglione

The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour Miss Gomes

South Africa Expedition Mrs Spiteri

Ultimate Frisbee Mr Vibert

Yoga Visiting Teacher Visiting Teacher