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A Level Bridging Work

We hope you are looking forward to joining the Sixth Form in September. To ensure that you make the best possible start to your studies we would like you to complete Bridging Work for each of your JCG A Level courses.

The purpose of the Bridging Work is not merely to bridge the gap between GCSE and A level but to provide a ‘flavour’ of A level study before your courses commence.

There is an expectation that you will complete all of the work even if you struggle with some of the content. In fact we would be a little disappointed if you do not struggle – deep learning only happens when we struggle. Don’t worry.

Your Bridging Work will form the focus of the first few lessons and is expected to take between 1-3 hours per subject, so please give yourself time to complete without creating unnecessary stress.

The bridging work is designed to be completed once you have received your GCSE results and your options have been confirmed.

If you have any general questions please email Miss Lea at [email protected]

Please download the relevant subject content below.