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Homework at JCG

Purposeful homework is an essential part of the learning process. Giving students the opportunity to review their learning and test their understanding, and to preview new learning and link it to prior knowledge.

To ensure that the homework at JCG is purposeful and specifically focuses on preview and review, we use the online platform Show My Homework (SMHW).

Parents/ guardians can also login to SMHW and view their daughter’s homework tasks. SMHW empowers parents / guardians to take a more active role in supporting their daughter’s learning. Helping them to take ownership for their learning, manage their time efficiently, ensuring they have a good work/life balance and yet still produce work of which they are proud. And develop the learning habits that will sustain them throughout their school life and beyond.

The current homework model for Year 7

We are currently reviewing homework across the College. This is the current pilot model for Year 7. There may be some changes to this from September 2019.

Reading for 20 minutes daily. Students are free to choose their own fiction or non-fiction reading. Our library is well-resourced with appropriate texts which we encourage students to explore.

English: 15 minutes weekly of spelling, punctuation and grammar tasks or previewing/reviewing class learning.

Mathematics: 30 minutes weekly to practise and consolidate topics covered in class.

French: 20 minutes weekly of vocabulary learning for a weekly test.

Humanities: 15 minutes weekly for each subject (History, Geography, Religious Studies), with homework as tasks designed to preview or review class learning.

Science: 15 minutes weekly for each subject (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), with homework as tasks designed to preview or review class learning.

Creativity Faculty: Preparation of resources or ingredients, plus one extended homework task of 45 minutes each half term.

Computer Science: One homework task of 30 minutes each half term.

Show My Homework

Show My Homework can be viewed from any mobile device or computer.  Students can either download the iOS app or use the website to view their homework tasks.

During the first week of the autumn term students will be shown how to log in with their school email address and password. At the same time parents/guardians will receive instructions by email explaining how to set up an account.

You can find out more about the benefits of using Show My Homework by simply typing type Show My Homework into any web browser.

If you would like to view the JCG Show My Homework calendar without a login please click here.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Ruth Lea Assistant Head teacher at [email protected]