An important aspect of student life in JCG is engagement with the international dimension. As we live in an island community in a fast moving and increasingly interconnected world, we feel that it is vital for our students to be aware of international issues so that you are prepared for life and work in the global sphere. In order to become effective and informed decision makers of the future, students will have increasing opportunities to develop international contacts and collaborative activities with students and linked schools in different parts of the globe. These include partnerships with schools in France, China, India, Thailand, Myanmar and Ghana, and additional student links with many other key global locations. Activities take place across a range of subjects from exchange and study trips in MFL, to collaborative studies and expeditions in the Sciences and Geography and comparisons of social attitudes and values in RS and Personal Development. Whole school international activities involving direct online communication, based around the six Houses and specific Year group activities are also designed to challenge your assumptions about other places and stimulate you to think and act as global citizens.