Full Time Programmes

Why Jersey

Situated close to both the UK and continental Europe, Jersey offers an exclusive environment in which to study. Its world renowned finance industry attracts leading financiers and business owners. Jersey has stunning beaches, clean air and a very low crime rate offering one of the safest places in the world to live, work or study. JCG is the premier school in Jersey, consistently achieving excellent examination results.



Jersey College for Girls offers bespoke academic programmes to meet our student needs:

GCSE Full Qualification Programme

A two year programme leading to the award of internationally recognised GCSEs. Students will join the programme in year 10 (grade 9) and choose a maximum of 11 GCSEs.

A Level Full Qualification Programme

A two year programme leading to the award of internationally recognised A Levels. Students will join the programme in year 12 (grade 11) and choose a maximum of 3 A Levels and 2 electives.

A Level Female Leadership Programmes

We also offer two specialised A Level programmes which combine our highly academic A Level programmes with sailing and flying qualifications.

Immersion Programmes

Students wishing to experience life in a leading girls’ day school, be immersed in an English environment and have a taster of what full time study in JCG would be like, can choose an immersion programme from 1 week to 1 year in length.


All international students will benefit from being completely immersed in an English environment through home boarding with local JCG and Jersey families. Advantages of the home boarding model include quicker integration into UK life and an enhanced rate of improvement in spoken English which improves an understanding of British language and culture. Every effort is taken to ensure that our international students are housed in a caring and supportive home where they can fully appreciate the benefits of island life, and maximise their learning experience.

Oxbridge Success

Every year a number of students apply to Oxbridge and JCG girls regularly attend the UK’s leading universities studying subjects ranging from Physics and Mathematics, to Modern Languages and Music. Each year trips to top UK Universities are organised and JCG has a strong network of support for University applications.

A JCG Student

A student leaving JCG at the end of her studies will enjoy life to the full, value her friendships and achieve balance in her life. She will have a thirst for knowledge and already possess a broad understanding of the cultural, historical, geographical and scientific events and ideas which have fashioned her island and her world, and an eagerness to discover more. She will have a good range of hobbies and interests, including the Arts and sport, which she wants to pursue. She will be a rigorous and imaginative thinker. She will leave us with an excellent record of achievement for an academically demanding course at university or employment which will lead to a stimulating career. She will have the ambition, motivation and staying power which will equip her to study independently and successfully at either. She will apply for internships, work experience and voluntary work in her holidays. She will have grown as an individual who is happy, well mannered and able to find fulfilment in her service to others. She will be thoughtful, open-minded and be able to lead. She will be conscious of the advantages she has enjoyed and of the opportunities and obligations such advantages should bring. She will want to have a positive impact on her community and the world. She will have happy and lasting memories of her time at College and an admiration for those people who have nurtured and shaped her learning.

Apply: jcg.je/international/apply