Staff Profiles

At JCG we pride ourselves on the quality of teachers that our students have the opportunity to work with. All experts in their field and highly experienced at allowing each student to perform at their highest level.

Simon Lewis: Head of Maths



“During my work in China I made many Chinese friends and grew to understand the significant benefits that a British education can offer for students aiming to study at prestigious British and American universities. It was a pleasure working with Chinese students to make this a success.”






King’s School, Worcester, Senior Scholar 1979-1984

Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 1985-88, Mathematics and Law Tripos

Head of Mathematics, Dulwich International High School , Suzhou 2012-13. In this role I had the pleasure of preparing students for Cambridge entry.  I developed relationships with the Mathematics Department at the very famous Suzhou High School.

Deputy Director (Academic) , Dulwich International High School, Suzhou, 2013-14, responsible for Entrance procedures, IGCSE and A Level curriculum and  Options process and oversight of Heads of Subjects.



Simon Milner: Head of 6th Form (English Teacher)


Like so many teachers, I was first drawn to the profession by a passion for my subject. Having finished my undergraduate degree at St John’s College, University of Oxford, I applied for a further year of study in order to complete a Master of Studies degree. My area of research was early modern literature, including Shakespeare, and I have been surprised and delighted by how often I am able to draw on this body of knowledge when teaching. As Head of the English and Media Faculty, I am conscious that JCG students continually challenge the subject knowledge of their teachers: they keep us alert to developments in the disciplines we love through their own inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge. ​