LEAP Programme

LEAP Programme

The 21st century will be defined by the global nature of all we do. Businesses source raw materials from every corner of the world and sell their products internationally. Our top companies recruit talented individuals from every nation. The leaders of the 21st century are multi-lingual, culturally aware, connected across borders and global in outlook. So as educators we must ensure that our students are not only prepared for this challenge, but the leading advocates of this global approach.

LEAP brings together talented individuals from across Jersey and every corner of the globe to work collaboratively to gain the skills necessary to be leaders. 


“The graduates of our programmes are female change agents, acting on the global stage, connected across borders, and actively addressing the World’s major challenges in a network of multi-national projects.”





LEAP develops entrepreneurial leadership skills through developing social enterprise projects to target key global issues. These will then be undertaken within the International Women’s Academy, a global female empowerment network set-up by the Director of Internationalism at JCG, and be long-term sustainable global projects.  Experts from the wider community act as teachers, mentors and guides, and finally as judges as the programme is structured around a Dragon’s Den pitch for project funding.


For more information please go to our dedicated LEAP Website: www.jcg-leap.info