Friday 27th March Update – Study Buddies

27th March 2020





Dear Parents,


Update at 15.30 on Friday 27 March 2020

I do hope you and your loved ones are well.  A parent told me that this morning she asked her daughter if she wanted a croissant heated for her breakfast but her daughter said no, she was running late and had slept in and had to get to her ‘virtual’ class… Then, at ‘break time’, her daughter, who is in Year 12, said to her Mum that she had forgotten Period 1 was a study period so she probably could have had the croissant after all.​

We are all trying to keep to some sort of routine and maintain a semblance of normality in these abnormal times.  Equally we are all learning as we go.  I am so proud of the way in which our students and staff are responding.  Thank you to you too for all your help in being proactive by checking Show My Homework – it is making a huge difference.  Your daughter’s teachers will be maintaining contact with her in different ways as we increasingly gain more confidence in using a range of technology to teaching remotely.


What are we doing?


​​OfQual Guidance for Exams

JCG Study Buddies – our students helping our students

  • ​Thank you to the huge number of Year 11, 12 & 13 students who have volunteered to be Study Buddies.  Please find the JCG Study Buddies Index attached.  This has been sent to your daughter’s school email so please discuss how she can use this great network of expert support.  I hope it comes as a relief for your daughter and perhaps for you too!​

Alumnae Network for our Old Girls

  • Thank you for the fantastic response in our call for volunteers.  We are now up and running.

After Easter (should we remain closed…)

  • ​Year 13 will be provided with Pre-University resources for independent self study​
  • Year 11 will move to their A level choices
  • Year 9 will move to their GCSE subjects
  • More information to follow after Easter about this

Gresham College Courses – https://www.gresham.ac.uk/schools

  • I’ve come across this resource that may be of interest to everyone though I am especially thinking of Year 13
  • ​​’Gresham College is a charity and historic institute of higher learning set up in 1597 to bring the ‘new learning’ to Londoners; we have been live-streaming our free lectures for the past 10 years and have an archive of 2,500 lectures (video and audio) + written transcripts online.’


  • A parent contacted us to say it’s fast becoming the highlight of their day!
  • Thank you for sending videos – please keep them coming
  • Remember, its about being together when we cannot be together

Finally, everyone is trying to do our best.  Managing family life and work life all from home is not easy.  If you are self-isolating or looking after your children, remember you are doing a great job for the island.  The longer this goes on, the harder it will be to continue to do the same things.  We will need to be flexible and vary how we work and how we engage with our students.  We (JCG, you our parents and our students) may also have dips in our mood and energy.  So please remind yourself, you are doing the best you can and you are doing a great job.


Thank you.  Take care.


Carl Howarth