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24th March 2020






Dear Parents,

JCG Remote Learning Guide can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

Update at 10.47am on Monday 23 March 2020

Today our students and staff work from home.  College is quiet.  Thank goodness the sun is shining.  Thank you too for continuing to boost our morale with your deeply kind emails.

What are we doing?

Advice to Year 11 & 13:

  • You do not need to do anymore work for your GCSEs or A levels
  • Don’t get rid of your existing notes as you never know when you might need them
  • Begin to think about preparing yourself for the next stage of your learning
  • After Easter, Year 11 will be given bridging work in their chosen A level subjects as part of their transition to A level study
  • For Year 13:
    • Start thinking about the reading lists if you are planning to move to University.
    • Speak to your current teachers about work you could be doing to help prepare you.
    • See if your community needs you – thank you to those who have already volunteered to be drivers for Meals on Wheels. Remember JCG serves!
  • We will update students when we know more about the process to enable calculated grades to be given
  • Student mentors
    • We know some parents are quietly worried that their daughter may ask them a question that they can’t answer. For me, it would be anything to do with Physics!  Our Year 11, 12 and 13 students are coordinating themselves to provide subject support to your daughter.  I will email all students directly once this is ready to go.
  • JCG TV – Keeping JCG together
    • This is now live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI09FY2w5OU
    • Miss Lea has sent instructions on SMHW re. how to upload videos
    • We expect JCG TV will unleash the unlimited creativity of our students and staff – please don’t expect your daughter’s video to be uploaded straight away
  • How to learn from Home
    • We know you and your daughter have received a lot of information over the last two weeks. We have collated guidance for learning from home.  This guidance (attached) is for all of us; students, staff and parents.

Please remember each day to laugh, have fun and be happy.  Believe you can and you are already half way there!


Carl Howarth



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