Liberation Day Events

13th May 2011

In order to celebrate Liberation Day, on Friday the 7th May all of Year 7 dressed in their finest WW2 period costume and took part in a range of activities designed to teach them about life in Jersey during the Occupation.

The day began with a very enjoyable, but grueling, military style workout at Heathfield. The girls kept up the pace and enthusiasm well and we were all very impressed with the imaginative chants and determination shown by 7.5.

The students then took part in one of a number of workshops. 7.5 learned how to speak Jerriais, 7.4 learned the art of rationing, 7.3 learned how to make crystal radios (with some success), 7.2 made their very own BBC radio broadcasts and 7.1 successfully made their own escape raft at St Aubins Fort.

The highlight of the day for many students was listening to our guest speakers Mr. Eric Walker and Mr. Tony Scott-Warren. Mr. Walker is the last surviving member of the Liberation Force and his story brought home the true horrors of war and both staff and students were deeply moved by his talk. Mr. Scott-Warren’s story of the hardships faced by one local Jersey family was equally moving and certainly brought a tear to many.

In order to brighten the mood and recreate the atmosphere of Liberation we ended the day with a lesson on the Lindy Hop and a wonderful fashion show.

The entire day was a huge success and the History Department sincerely thanks everyone in involved. Liberation Day 2011