Year 11 Revision Skills Day

26th November 2010

Students in Year 11 were planning days in advance for Revision Skills Day. What to bring for the form group’s ‘healthy break’ was a matter of importance; we also looked forward to the aerobics session which would happen first thing, the purpose being to warm up our brains.

At JCG, girls are hard-working; yet we tend to take this for granted when aiming to achieve. So teachers point out that there are ways in which to think for and look after your self.

Firstly, the aerobics session went well with Mrs Smith leading the entire Year 11 army. Soon after, Miss Rheumer told us about the brain and how it works. Emphasis was placed on healthy exercise, feeding the brain with sugar (nice to know) and allowing rest in between learning. Then we went to Science, where we practised revision techniques; as simple as memorising words that we use in our study. Experiments show that noise distracts and categorizing works.

After our break, which was specially indulgent (but nutritious) for the occasion, we gathered in the hall to look specifically at Maths and English revision. This was helpful to identify the ways in which some students make learning harder for themselves by not sticking to the task at hand. In some cases, doing more than you need to!

Finally, we had sessions in the Language department. We looked at plan-writing and useful exam techniques to remember (repetition is key).Year 11 Revision Skills Day

The main thing I gained from the experience of Revision Skills Day was that sometimes, stepping back from learning enables us to find a better approach that enables good results in our GCSEs and, it must be said, enjoyment!