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Mobile Device Approach

Author: Andrew McGarva

Date: December 2019

To be reviewed: July 2021

‘We don’t ban children from crossing the road. We teach them how to cross safely and we improve road safety’ Deborah McMillan Children’s Commissioner for Jersey

We have worked in partnership with our students to agree a community approach to establishing a positive use of technology and mobile devices in a safe, socially aware and managed environment. We aim to educate students in managing their behaviour around technology so that they make positive choices and the benefits enhance their learning and opportunities. We wish students to be aware of the negative aspects of devices and their impact on others. JCG’s approach to using mobile devices is reflected in the statements taken from the Student Mobile Device Survey in November 2019.

“One of the great things about JCG is the fact that students and teachers have mutual respect for each other, and an anti-phone policy threatens this relationship” Quote from student questionnaire (October 2019)

“I think students should be trusted to have responsibility of their own phones especially in the older years. Also, if someone did want to go on their phone, then that should be their decision, a bad one in my opinion, but you can only get out of class what you put in and if you’re not willing to try and would rather go on your phone then that’s your own fault. JCG don’t even have a problem with this. Being in control of our phones also teaches us to be responsible with our phones in later life. There’s no denying that technology is rapidly developing and, if we are able to look after and we are taught to respect our phones rather than have them taken away from us constantly and taught that we’re not responsible enough for them, that will benefit us more greatly in the future. Also phones can be incredibly useful as revision resources and means to information outside of the textbook” Quote from student questionnaire (October 2019)

The following strategies are employed to support our students with this aim, encouraging them to always be safe and sociable with those around them.

During lessons

Your teacher will advise you when you can use your device in lessons to help your learning. If your device is used without permission from your class teacher, it will be confiscated and taken to the office where you can collect it at the end of the school day.

Travelling around College

When travelling around the College, you should be safe and aware of your surroundings. Please do not walk around while using your device. If you are using your device while walking around the campus you will be told to put it away.

Social Media champions

A team of student mentors will be available to provide support and advice to help you use technology positively.

Advice on Devices

Whilst at JCG you will use a number of online resources to support your learning. For example, Class Notebook, Show My Homework, Quizlet and, of course, for research. Therefore, you will find it helpful to have a device to access the internet through the unmanaged College WiFi. Students in Years 7-9 will find an iPad (with touch-pad keyboard and digital stylus) the most flexible and reliable device to support their learning. Whilst students in their GCSE and A Level years may find a laptop better suited to their needs. 

Laptops and iPads purchased through the College will be setup using the College Apple ID, which means only JCG approved apps will be downloaded and distributed through our MDM,( this will not include social media apps on the iPad) and that students will access the internet via the managed WiFi which offers a superior synching experience.