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Work Experience Policy

  Authors: Emma Silvestri-Fox, Adam Sykes Date: December 2018 To be reviewed: December 2020

Link to our vision A student will leave us with an excellent record of achievement for an academically-demanding course at university or employment which will lead to a stimulating career. She will have the ambition, motivation and staying power which will equip her to study independently and successfully at either. She will apply for internships, work experience and voluntary work in her holidays. Aims The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the organisation of these activities is compliant with the Children, Young People, Education and Skills (CYPES) Department’s policy on Work Experience. Objectives The detailed code of practice for the JCG Work Experience (WE) policy is informed by these general principles and should be applied with these clearly in mind:

  1. All WE will be monitored to ensure it complies with the Health and Safety and Insurance Policies.
  2. All WE will be planned, organised and monitored to ensure that it complies with the Children, Young People, Education and Skills (CYPES) Department’s Work Experience Policy, Standards and Guidance.
  3. All procedures for enabling a WE placement outside of school (as outlined below) will be completed prior to the student taking part.
  4. The staff responsibilities and procedures with regard to the WE policy are clearly defined. (see accompanying documentation).

Relationship to other policies

  1. External Policies:
    • Post-16 work experience as a part of 16 to 19 study programmes and traineeships (DfE March 2015).
    • Work experience readiness checklist (DfE 2013).
    • Child Protection (CYPES Department Updated June 2016).
  1. Internal Policies:

    • Health and Safety.
    • Individual Student Needs (ISN) Policy.
    • Child Protection.
    • Learning and Teaching Policy.
    • Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Policy.

GENERAL PROCEDURES FOR WE The Employability Coordinator (EC) is responsible for this area, although at some time many staff may be involved in encouraging students to take part in the opportunities offered by WE. The EC takes responsibility for overseeing the entire process if carried out by another member of staff. The general procedures are as follows:-

  • The placements will be checked for suitability by the EC and, if required, by one of the Institute of Safety and Health (IOSH) trained staff.
  • The EC will ensure that all students complete the appropriate Placement Form.
  • The EC will check the suitability of the placement through consultation with Careers Jersey or by site visits and inspection by IOSH trained personnel.
  • Should an individual student or member of staff wish to include a placement not previously Health and Safety checked, this should be referred to the EC who may ask one of the IOSH trained members of staff to complete the Employer Visit Form.
  • No placement should take place until all documentation and approval has been completed.
  • The placement provider will ensure that a health and safety briefing is carried out on commencement of the placement.

Procedures for off island placements:

  • The College is supportive of off-island placements and parents should write to the Principal requesting authorised absence.
  • The responsibility for off-island placements rests with parents / guardians.
  • The EC can provide parents with the JCG work experience policy and forms in preparation for off-island work experience.

Placement Form Employer Visit Form and Risk Assessment Employer Letter CYPES Child Protection Principles for Work Related Learning Activites