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PSE And Citizenship

Department Teachers

Miss C. David B.A


We aim to nurture students’ well-being and self-esteem in a safe environment and place emphasis on emotional literacy and positive values. We promote the physical, social, moral and emotional health of every student in order to help them reach their full potential as both individuals and members of the wider community.

We strive to give students a sense of empowerment and the opportunities and knowledge, skills and understanding to become informed, aware, active and responsible citizens, both at a local and global level. We aim to prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities, risks and experience of adult life and relationships and the world of work and help them to develop the skills of critical thinking, political literacy, decision-making, economic understanding and financial capability necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. We also aim to increase students’ awareness of the international dimension through links with other students and schools in other parts of the world.

At KS3….

Students have one hour lesson a week of PSHE and Citizenship, as well as special workshops, visits and collapsed timetable day events such as the Prison, Me, No Way day in Year 8.

In Year 7….

Students study personal identity and interpersonal communication as well as the changes that come with puberty. They also consider the ingredients of a healthy and happy lifestyle, including exercise, balanced diet, sensible sleep routines and how to promote good mental health and positive thinking. They reflect on personal safety issues and risk and learn how to tackle bullying and peer pressure, for example in relation to topics such as smoking and role-play survival strategies. They assess different moral attitudes, conduct and the place of the police and honorary system in Jersey and also examine the importance and diversity of the family and family relationships today.

In Year 8……

Students study rights and responsibilities and the meaning of citizenship in a variety of contexts. They consider the importance and effectiveness of politics locally and globally, attending a States sitting and considering specific current issues in Jersey and internationally. They examine electoral systems and how they work. They also consider influences and study role-models and learn about drugs and alcohol and their effects and crime and punishment. As part of this, they participate in the Prison, Me No Way crime awareness day. They also undertake enterprise and community activities and play the Careers Real Game.

In Year 9……..

Students work to gain a First Aid award and have the opportunity of entering the National Schools St. John Ambulance competition. They reflect on their own skills and Career aspirations in preparation for making their GCSE option choices. They complete a module on healthy and happy teenage relationships and sexuality including workshops from external agencies. They participate in the Learn to Earn enterprise and business scheme and a module on financial capability and banking.

At KS 4…..

Students have a one hour lesson a week of PSHE and Citizenship in Year 10. In year 11 they attend two day conferences on PSHE and Citizenship issues, one in the Autumn term and one in the Spring term.

In Year 10…….

Students study modules on the broad theme of the Life-Cycle. This includes a module on good parenting, baby and childcare. They have the opportunity to take part in the Baby Think It Over project and assertiveness and decision-making activities and also of working towards a baby-sitting certificate. They re-visit health-related topics covered lower down the school and participate in workshops linked to issues on sex, relationships, drugs and mental health. Students attend presentations given by the Jersey Consumer Council and Community bank and prepare for their Project Trident work experience and the world of work. They examine citizenship topics related to human rights, responsibilities and cultural diversity and have the opportunity of working collaboratively on cultural projects with partner schools in other countries. They work further on political literacy issues and consider the implications of being able to vote at 16 and changes within the local political system as well as international current affairs.

In Year 11………..

Students participate in Funky Futures, a Citizenship and Careers conference in the Autumn term which focuses on potential career paths through a variety of Careers speakers and workshops and empowers them to be pro-active citizens through political decision-making role-play exercises. The second conference- Healthy, Happy and Streetwise, is in the Spring term and involves a carousel of health-related workshops run by outside agencies which aim to address matters of concern to students as they focus on GCSEs, post 16 and beyond. These include the Fatal Five, an interactive session delivered by the police dealing with speed and road safety issues.

At KS 5

Students cover PSHE and citizenship issues through enrichment sessions, assemblies and the pastoral system. They also have the opportunity to take an active role in politics through participation in events such as the Youth Assembly and law and debating competitions.

Modules in Key Stages 3 and 4 include a variety of written and practical assessment tasks and projects, challenges and presentations and give scope for working individually, in pairs and in teams and for some drama, role-plays and visits and activities in the community.