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Polyphony Terms and Conditions

What to expect from the Polyphony Staff?

  • A timetable of Polyphony lessons prior to the start of lessons – a paper copy and by email. Timetables are also displayed on the Polyphony notice board outside music room C2 (Bandroom).
  • Well prepared lessons starting at the scheduled time.
  • Encouragement and clear guidelines of how much practice is required and which areas to practise for the following lesson. It is a good idea for the student to provide a notebook for this purpose or alternatively they can use their school planner if they bring them to their lessons.
  • If a tutor is absent, a notice will be displayed in the music department during the day and any lessons missed will be rescheduled in the first instance; if this is not possible by the end of the term then a credit or refund will be due to you.
  • Rescheduled lessons will be posted on the Polyphony notice board and emailed to you.
  • Recommendations for exam entry after discussion with the student and parent.
  • Recommendations for theory lessons where appropriate.
  • Recommendations for joining an appropriate ensemble – it is expected that students having instrumental/vocal lessons at JCG will join an ensemble as recommended by their instrumental tutor and/or the music department staff.

What is expected of Students and Parents?

  • Regular practice between lessons – the amount and time will vary between instruments and grade levels. Your tutor will advise the appropriate amount for your level.
  • Payment of the term’s lessons in advance. Invoices will be sent requesting payment by the first week of term and late payments will incur a 10% surcharge.
  • Attend lessons at the scheduled time, having allowed time to sign out at the school office and collect their instrument/ music etc.
  • Attend an extra-curricular ensemble as recommended by your tutor or the music department staff. NB there are opportunities for pianists within some ensembles.
  • Advise the administrator of any change in email address.
  • Advising the tutor or administrator immediately (but with a minimum of 72 hours notice) of any school activity that might clash with a Polyphony lesson. Please note that no refunds will be given for lessons not attended by the students except in the case of a College organised activity in which case the student must give 72 hours written notice.  This can be by email to the Polyphony Administrator.  If less than 72 hours notice is given, it may be possible to try to rearrange the lesson but if this is not possible then no refund will be due.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • In the event of school closure due to inclement weather or other conditions beyond our control, a refund will not be given
  • Cancellation of tuition – all students will be expected to complete a full term of lessons with notice to stop to be given by the half term prior to stopping. Failure to do so will incur a charge equivalent to the following half term of tuition.  Notice can be given by email.
  • Polyphony is not able to accommodate requests not to be withdrawn from certain curriculum lessons. The exception to this would be where class exams are scheduled and the usual 72 hours written notice will be required.