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Creative Minds Programme

An exciting opportunity for children in years 5 and 6 to discover and explore their interests through STEM or the creative arts. A great introduction to secondary learning. 

Taking place on Saturday mornings; there are two 10-week programmes to choose from.

Explore STEM

In the Explore STEM programme our budding scientists will be inspired and challenged across a range of science, engineering and maths disciplines. They will develop their creativity and knowledge, whilst having fun. Here are some examples of the challenges:

  • The Magic of Chemistry! Students will be the performers demonstrating the beauty and intrigue of Chemistry through magic tricks that will inspire and amaze!
  • The Great Egg Race! Students will design build and execute an engineering project to launch an egg and protect its fall.
  • Rocket Scientists! Students will build, decorate and then launch rockets into space (or maybe a little closer to the ground!)
  • Robot Wars! Students will learn about how robots work and build their own.
  • Programming from Scratch! Students will learn how to logically break down a problem into simple coded steps, and create their own animations.
  • Science Showcase! The last session will be a showcase of all their have learnt up to that point and parents will be invited to take a look.

Explore the Arts

In the Explore the Arts programme our young creatives will discover their talent, explore their imagination, and learn new skills through a range of engaging activities. Sessions include the following:

  • Stop, Animate! Students will create a flip book to make their drawings come to life, then use computer software to create their own stop-motion animated movie using Lego, plasticine, and paper models.
  • 3-D Poetry! Students will be inspired to compose their own verses and explore a range of poetry forms and techniques, then learn how to create an awesome 3-D tunnel haiku book.
  • Fun with Photography! Students will create pinhole cameras to learn about the wonders of photography, then use digital cameras to turn reality into optical illusions by experimenting with forced perspective images.
  • Circle of a Hero! Students will invent a hero character and take them on a journey in this drama session. Using their imagination they will develop characterisation and improvisation skills; can they stay in role and make a positive difference to the world?
  • Flash Fiction! Students will create terribly tiny tales. They will take everything they love about stories – the complexity, characters, themes, tension – then learn how to deliver it all in a minute package.
  • Filmmaker Challenge! Action-adventure, comedy, sci-fi? Taking on the roles of directors, actors, camera operators, and set designers; students will learn how to storyboard and create their own film trailer. Coming soon to a cinema near you!



2021 Autumn term: 2nd October to 18th December (Not including half term)

2022 Spring term: 15th January to 2nd April (Not including half term)

2022 Summer term: 30th April to 16th July (Not including half term)

Time: 10.00 - 12.00

Location: Jersey College for Girls

Participants: Children in years 5 and 6

Group size: 20 

Cost: £300 per place for one 10-week programme

Email us to find out more.  creativeminds@jcgfoundation.com

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