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Touch Top Up

TouchTopUp has now been extended to accept online payments to JCG for various items.  

Log into your online account at TouchTopUp.Net 

Canteen smartcard top-ups can be paid for by selecting the green ‘Topup account’ button at the centre top of the screen.  

In order to pay for a trip or extra-curricular activity, please pay for these through ‘Wallets’ which are set up for specific activities for your child.

Once logged in, select Show Wallets on the left of the screen

Select the item you wish to pay for by clicking on the name of the wallet.

The cost for the item shows under the charge column. Confirm the amount you wish to pay by entering it in the box ‘Make a Payment’ 

If you would like to pay more, for example for charitable donations, please note that you are able to do this, please keep the amount the same as the set charge. This will allow you to continue to the next screen. (If you do not do this and try to change this amount to a higher figure at this point you will receive an error message.) Once you proceed to the payment page you can input the (higher) payment amount you would like to pay.

Once you have clicked the green box ‘Make a Payment’ it will take you to a screen where you can make your payment using debit or credit card or by Paypal.