Employability and Enterprise

JCG is fully committed to ensuring our students are prepared for the opportunities and challenges that they will encounter after leaving College.

Our students are highly employable and will make a real difference to other people’s lives through their jobs and careers. Beyond JCG our students will be leaders within organisations and have the confidence to tread their own paths.
A message to our current students: “Over the last few years, JCG students have achieved some major successes in preparation for future careers. You have won the local heat of the Business, Accounting and Skills Education Competition, going through to the national final. You have taken part in work experience programmes in various industries including medicine, law, finance and engineering. You have had one-to-one discussions with past pupils, experts from industry, your form tutor, the senior leadership team and professionals from Careers Jersey. You have worked as a team with your year group and you have been involved in the JCG Careers Fair as well as much, much more. Look at the sections for each Key Stage, Extra-Curricular Events and One-to-One Discussions to find out more about your opportunities to develop your employability skills”

We continually strive to improve the opportunities for our students to develop their employability skills and entrepreneurial thinking. This is perhaps even more relevant than ever considering the current economic climate. We hope that these pages provide you with an insight into the range of opportunities we provide to ensure our students are prepared for the world of employment.

Adam Sykes
Employability Coordinator

JCG is delighted to be able to work with a large number of Employability Partners in a range of capacities to enhance the learning and skills of our students.

If you or your business would like to help our students develop their employability skills please contact Adam Sykes on [email protected]

JCG Careers Fair

All students from Years 7 to 13 are invited to attend the annual JCG Careers Fair which takes place each February in the hall. The Fair is open from 12.00pm to 1.00pm for sixth form students and it will be available to all students from 1.00pm to 2.00pm. You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this ideal opportunity to research future careers. It is a chance to take part in informal discussions with representatives from a number of different sectors. In previous years we have had representatives from industries as wide ranging as finance, law, biotechnology, dentistry, veterinary science, sport, psychology and environmental conservation.

Channel Island Student Business Challenge (CISBC)

All students in Years 7 to 10 are invited to apply to take part in the annual Channel Island Student Business Challenge (CISBC), supported by Barclays, EY, Ogier and Sure. You will take your initial idea to the Dragon’s Den stage of the competition where ten successful JCG teams will be loaned £100 to launch their business. You will compete against the other JCG teams and ten teams from Grainville, VCJ and Haute Vallee for a number of prizes. The CISBC takes place between November and May. Each team is mentored by a member of one of the four corporate partners and a school mentor.

Lunchtime Talks

Representatives from a wide range of fields often visit JCG to give lunchtime talks and presentations. Look out on the tutor briefing, on the intranet and on posters around the school for details of speakers and topics. These fascinating talks are usually open to everyone and are excellent sources of research for future career options. Previous speakers include astronomers, chartered accountants, environmental and civil engineers and the armed forces.

A great deal of valuable learning and experience takes place outside the classroom. During their time at JCG, students are given the opportunity to help and serve others. This experience helps enrich their own lives and the lives of those that they engage with in the community.

Participation in our active House system, led by 6th Form students, gives our students an excellent opportunity to serve, both inside school and also in the island.

Student in Years 7, 8, 9 and 12 also take part in various activities that are not normally part of the school curriculum, during the last week of the summer term, Activities Week. These include off-island trips to Spain, UK, Italy and France and on-island activities such as jewellery making, cycling, horse riding, surfing, walking and kayaking. Students in Sixth Form take part in a structured programme, offering them creative and activity based opportunities, as well as Community Service involvement. Opportunities include, caring for our local environment, childcare, teaching and service to the elderly.


Year 7

In Year 7 you will be encouraged to talk about your aspirations and how you see the future through your work on identity. You will complete a life triangle and you will take part in interviews with other people in your class.

Year 8

In Year 8 you will play the REAL Game, in which you complete your lifestyle dream and evaluate how well it matches up with your career aspirations. You will also study key skills including successful teamwork and improving your learning during form time.

Year 9

In addition to a planned tutor programme, in Year 9 you will take part in a block of six lessons preparing for careers and GCSE options.


You will spend some time identifying and evaluating your strengths and preferences as a prelude to making your GCSE option choices. You will learn how to apply for a job by submitting application forms and letters. Following this, you will practise applying for a Saturday or holiday job. In Year 9 you will interview a partner covering information you have been given for a job application. Also, an advisor from Careers Jersey will visit and explain what the service offers and where it is situated. The aim of this is to stimulate thinking about the future of work and jobs in Jersey and elsewhere. During Year 9 you will have the opportunity to use the Kudos computer application to identify areas of interest. These are also used to identify strengths and weaknesses and possible career choices.

GCSE Options

In Year 9 you will talk to key stage 4 students with regard to careers and GCSE option choices. There is an assembly covering GCSE options and considering them in relation to future careers. Senior staff will explain the school’s process for GCSE options, the roles of students, parents, teachers and tutors within the process and they will answer any queries you may have. Departments will provide you with information about GCSEs, including information on progression and future careers. The College organises an Options Evening for students to discuss and research GCSE options. During Year 9 you will complete a self-evaluation form and discuss areas you need to improve upon in order to achieve your best after you have made your GCSE option choices.


Year 10

Trident Work Experience
The process of the application begins at the start of the year when you will receive a talk from a Trident representative. This is to explain the process that you will follow to complete your application forms. You will then discuss your preferences, carry out research and investigate placements, downloading and filling in your Trident application forms in tutor groups. Before going out on your work placement you will receive a briefing session from a Trident representative. You will consider the health and safety implications of your chosen placements and consider how to present yourself appropriately during your placement.

Placements are carried out in the last two weeks of the summer term and during this time you will be visited by a member of staff. At the end of your placement you will also receive a written reference from your employer, a certificate and take part in an evaluation session at the start of Year 11.

Trident is always a huge success. You will gain valuable skills from your work placement that you can take forward into Year 11 and indeed beyond. All employers report that JCG students are a credit to the school, showing initiative and a willingness to learn.

PSHE Programme

In addition to a planned tutor programme and visiting speakers, key stage 4 students receive Careers Education and Guidance (CEG) and Work Related Learning (WRL) taught as discrete lessons within the PSHE programme.

During these lessons you will receive a talk on CV writing from a business professional. You will then complete your CV during PSHE and tutorial sessions with the input from subject staff and tutors. This will be in addition to revisiting the Kudos careers programme.

Year 11

Employability Seminars

In Years 10 and 11 you will participate in a course of 3 seminars designed to help you prepare for Post-16 options, develop skills required to find a rewarding career path and consider careers in a variety of fields


The last two years at College will be extremely busy for you as a member of the sixth form. It is a time for getting fully involved in the life of the school and making the most of every opportunity.

Year 12

The main focus of the Careers programme in the sixth form is to cover Higher Education and Post-18 options. You will be given the opportunity to research universities and receive advice on how to apply both to institutions in the UK and abroad. Currently the majority of our students apply to university and although some may take a gap year only three or four students per year will enter into full- time employment.

Through our Enrichment programme you will be able to organise yourself work experience and community service placements. These will usually take place on a Friday afternoon but can be arranged at other times if it is more suitable for you. Placements range from helping at local primary schools and nursing homes, to assisting the elderly, working at Radio Lions, the hospital, local vets and the zoo. As part of this programme and in addition to completing your UCAS form you will also be guided on completing CVs and letters of application.

In addition to this, Careers Jersey organise an annual Higher Education Fair, which is usually held at Hautlieu in March and the College organises an information evening for parents to explain the UCAS procedure. We would recommend you attend both and that you ask lots of questions, particularly at the HE fair. Although this fair is predominantly for Year 12 students we would highly recommend that girls from Years 10 and 11 go along as well. It is a great opportunity to speak to institutions first hand and get organised early.

Year 13

The Careers programme is delivered to you in Year 13 for the first term only. It covers interview techniques, grant forms, gap years and preparation for leaving home and school. In addition to this all of you will be seen individually by the Director of Sixth Form before handing in your completed UCAS forms.

If you are applying for a university course that requires an interview, for example, Oxford, Cambridge, medicine or teaching amongst others, you will be offered a mock interview and a feedback session.

If you decide not to apply to university you will be given an opportunity to discuss your plans and ask for advice on an individual basis in the second half of the autumn term.

Once you have sent your UCAS form (and hopefully received lots of offers) you will be given lots of individual advice on how to choose your Firm and Insurance institution. Generally we advise you to wait until after you get your results in March before making your final decision.

Other Careers Opportunities

Within the sixth form there are heaps of enriching activities available to you. Here are just a few:

· Young Enterprise Company Programme

· The Sure Apprentice Competition

· Institute of Directors’ Work Shadowing Scheme (IOD). This year one of our students won the overall prize, which was a fantastic achievement.

· Chartered Institute of Marketing Work Shadowing Scheme (CIM)

· IFS Courses – The Certificate and Diploma in Financial Services. These are available through our Enrichment programme and are equivalent to AS/A2 levels respectively.

· BASE Competition. This is a UK wide accountancy orientated competition run by ICAEW open to Year 12. Last year our students won the regional heats and travelled to the national finals in Birmingham.

· International Investment Competition run by Enhance Investment and sponsored by SG Hambros open to all sixth form students.

· ‘A Week in Finance’ with Jersey Finance

· Ogier Law Programme – 2 day workshop

· Baker & Partners’ Youth Advocacy Competition

· Insights into Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery

· Insight into Teaching

· Medical hospital work experience placements

One to One

Individual Discussions

You will have individual discussions about your aspirations for the future and specific help and advice throughout your time at JCG. Each term you will meet with your tutor for academic mentoring.

In Year 9 you are encouraged to discuss your GCSE option choices with your subject teachers, your tutor and your parents. The GCSE option evening in the Spring Term will give you a chance to discuss your thoughts with the relevant people, and representatives from Careers Jersey will also be on hand. In Year 11 you will meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss your next steps during your Employability Interview. You will also have the opportunity to meet with an adviser from Careers Jersey for guidance on your ideas and choices. In Year 12 you will meet with the Head of Sixth Form/Assistant to the Head of Sixth Form to discuss your future plans during your Employability Interview. In Year 13 you will have on-going discussions with the Director of Sixth Form and the Assistant to the Director of Sixth Form about your future.

Careers Jersey

As a school we have a strong partnership with Careers Jersey and their representatives will visit the College on numerous occasions during your time at JCG.

In addition, advisers from Careers Jersey are available for one-to-one appointments at the Social Security building in La Motte Street. Throughout the autumn term in Year 10 you will receive talks from some of their staff in your tutor sessions. You will hear about life beyond GCSEs and courses available at universities. You have the chance to ask questions about what subjects you would need to choose for A level and the different opportunities available to you. In Year 11 Careers Jersey, Highlands College and senior members of staff from JCG will hold talks and workshops as part of the Employability Seminars to discuss post-16 options. In Years 12 and 13 Careers Jersey provide ‘drop-in’ sessions to give independent careers advice and guidance for students with any dilemmas about going to university or for those considering entering into employment directly from school. They are always happy to provide practice interviews for students in addition to those organised within the College HE Enrichment Programme.