Exam Information

Exam Information

External examinations take place throughout the year, but mainly in summer, for students primarily in Years 11-13.

Current examination timetables are published on this page at appropriate times during the year.

All students taking examinations and producing coursework should familiarise themselves with the student information documents which will be published below prior to exam season.

Mrs Sian Goldhawk, our Examinations Officer is available to answer any queries that you may have, either by email ([email protected]) or telephone (01534 516200).

For more information on taking examinations at Jersey College for Girls, please reference our Examinations Policy .

Student Information Documents

Warning to Candidates Poster

No Mobile Phones Poster

Information for Candidates Poster (Written Exams)

CIE Notice to Candidates Poster

Exam Requests

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    I confirm that I am aware that a request to have one of my examinations remarked, has three possible outcomes:
    • My original mark is lowered, so my final grade may be lower than the original grade I received.
    • My original mark is confirmed as correct, and there is no change to my grade.
    • My original mark is raised, so my final grade may be higher than the original grade I received.
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