Exam Information

Exam Information

External examinations take place throughout the year, but mainly in summer, for students primarily in Years 11-13.

Current examination timetables are published on this page at appropriate times during the year.

All students taking examinations and producing coursework should familiarise themselves with the student information documents which will be published below prior to exam season.

Mrs Sian Goldhawk, our Examinations Officer is available to answer any queries that you may have, either by email ([email protected]) or telephone (01534 516200).

Important information for summer 2019 Examinations (GCSE and A Level)

Please be aware that the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) requires all students to be available up to and including 26th June 2019. This is because an awarding body (exam board) may need to invoke its contingency plan which would require students to sit an examination up to and including 26th June 2019. In light of this, please do not book holidays or other events that would mean that your child is unable to come into school that begin before 27th June 2019.

For more information on taking examinations at Jersey College for Girls, please reference our Examinations Policy .

Student Information Documents

Warning to Candidates Poster

No Mobile Phones Poster

Information for Candidates Poster (Written Exams)

CIE Notice to Candidates Poster

2019 Summer Exam TimeTable



Start Time



Component Code

Component Title

Tue 07 May 13:30 2h CIE 0500/21 Reading Passages [Ext] 21

Fri 10 May 09:00 2h30 CIE 0411/12 Written Examination 12

Mon 13 May 13:30 1h45 CIE 0984/11 Paper 11 Theory
13:30 1h45 AQA 8062/13 Religious Studies A P1-3 Christ and P1-5 Islam

Tue 14 May 09:00 35min AQA 8658/LF French Listening Test Tier F
09:00 45min AQA 8658/RF French Reading Test Tier F
09:00 45min AQA 8658/LH French Listening Test Tier H
09:00 1h AQA 8658/RH French Reading Test Tier H
13:30 2h EDEXL/GCSE 4BI1 1B Written Paper 1B
13:30 2h EDEXL/GCSE 4SD0 1B Written Paper 1B

Wed 15 May 09:00 1h30 CIE 0486/12 Poetry and Prose 12
09:00 1h15 AQA 8582/1 Physical Education Paper 1

Thu 16 May 09:00 2h EDEXL/GCSE 4CH1 1C Written Paper 1C
09:00 2h EDEXL/GCSE 4SD0 1C Written Paper 1C

Fri 17 May 09:00 1h AQA 8658/WF French Writing Test Tier F
09:00 1h15 AQA 8658/WH French Writing Test Tier H
13:30 1h15 AQA 8582/2 Physical Education Paper 2

Mon 20 May 09:00 1h45 AQA 8062/2A Religious Studies A P2A Excl Text
13:30 1h45 CIE 0984/21 Paper 21 Prob-Solv and Program

Tue 21 May 09:00 1h30 AQA 8300/1F Mathematics Paper 1 Tier F
09:00 1h30 EDEXL/GCSE 1MA1 1H Non Calculator [H]
13:30 1h10 EDEXL/GCSE 4GE1 01 Physical Geography

Wed 22 May 09:00 45min AQA 8698/LH Spanish Listening Test Tier H
09:00 1h AQA 8698/RH Spanish Reading Test Tier H
13:30 2h EDEXL/GCSE 4PH1 1P Written Paper 1P
13:30 2h EDEXL/GCSE 4SD0 1P Written Paper 1P

Thu 23 May 09:00 45min CIE 0486/32 Drama [Open Text] 32

Fri 24 May 09:00 45min AQA 8633/LH Italian Listening Test Tier H
09:00 1h AQA 8633/RH Italian Reading Test Tier H
13:30 2h OCR J310/01 D & T: Prncpls of Dsgn & Tchnlgy-Wrtn

Mon 03 Jun 09:00 2h AQA 8145/1A/A History Paper 1A and 1B Option A and B
13:30 1h15 AQA 8633/WH Italian Writing Test Tier H

Tue 04 Jun 13:30 1h45 EDEXL/GCSE 1MU0 03 Appraising

Wed 05 Jun 09:00 1h15 AQA 8698/WH Spanish Writing Test Tier H

Thu 06 Jun 09:00 1h30 AQA 8300/2F Mathematics Paper 2 Tier F
09:00 1h30 EDEXL/GCSE 1MA1 2H Calculator [H]
13:30 2h AQA 8145/2A/A History Paper 2A and 2B Option A and B

Fri 07 Jun 13:30 1h15 EDEXL/GCSE 4BI1 2B Written Paper 2B

Mon 10 Jun 09:00 1h45 AQA 8585/W Food Prep and Nutrition Written

Tue 11 Jun 09:00 1h30 AQA 8300/3F Mathematics Paper 3 Tier F
09:00 1h30 EDEXL/GCSE 1MA1 3H Calculator [H]

Wed 12 Jun 09:00 1h15 EDEXL/GCSE 4CH1 2C Written Paper 2C

Thu 13 Jun 09:00 1h45 EDEXL/GCSE 4GE1 02 Human Geography

Fri 14 Jun 09:00 1h15 EDEXL/GCSE 4PH1 2P Written Paper 2P
13:30 1h30 AQA 8360/1 Further Mathematics Paper 1

Mon 17 Jun 13:30 2h AQA 8360/2 Further Mathematics Paper 2
A Level


Start Time



Component Code

Component Title

Mon 13 May 13:30 1h15 OCR Y531/01 Further Mathematics A: Pure Core Wtn

Thu 16 May 13:30 1h15 OCR Y534/01 Further Mathematics A: Dscr Mths Wtn

Mon 20 May 09:00 2h AQA 7136/1 Economics ADV Paper 1
09:00 2h30 EDEXL/GCE 9EL0 01 Voices-Speech & Writing
13:30 2h15 OCR H556/01 Physics A: Modelling Physics Wtn
13:30 2h OCR H567/01 Psychology: Research Methods Wtn
13:30 1h15 OCR Y533/01 Further Mathematics A: Mechanics Wtn

Tue 21 May 13:30 2h30 AQA 7042/1C History ADV Paper 1 Option C

Wed 22 May 09:00 2h AQA 7192/1 Sociology ADV Paper 1
13:30 2h15 EDEXL/GCE 9GE0 01 Paper One

Thu 23 May 09:00 2h AQA 7136/2 Economics ADV Paper 2
13:30 2h AQA 7582/1 Physical Education ADV Paper 1
13:30 3h AQA 7712/1 English Literature A ADV P1

Fri 24 May 09:00 2h AQA 7132/1 Business ADV Paper 1
09:00 1h30 EDEXL/GCE 9MT0 03 Listening and Analysing
09:00 2h15 OCR H556/02 Physics A: Exploring Physics Wtn

Mon 03 Jun 09:00 2h30 AQA 7692/1 Spanish ADV Pap 1 List  Read & Writ
09:00 2h30 AQA 7712/2B English Literature A ADV P2 Opt B
09:00 1h30 OCR Y540/01 Frthr Mathematics A: Pure Core 1 Wtn
13:30 2h AQA 7132/2 Business ADV Paper 2
13:30 1h30 OCR H556/03 Physics A: Unified Physics Wtn

Tue 04 Jun 09:00 2h AQA 7136/3 Economics ADV Paper 3
09:00 2h30 EDEXL/GCE 9EL0 02 Varieties in Lang & Lit.
13:30 2h AQA 7192/2 Sociology ADV Paper 2
13:30 2h15 OCR H432/01 Chem A: Prdc Tble Elmnt Phy Chm Wtn

Wed 05 Jun 09:00 2h15 WJEC/GCE A680U10-1 Media Studies Comp 1 Media Products
09:00 3h AQA 7172/1 Philosophy ADV Paper 1
09:00 2h OCR H240/01 Maths A: Pure Mathematics Wtn
13:30 2h30 AQA 7042/2N History ADV Paper 2 Option N
13:30 2h AQA 7582/2 Physical Education ADV Paper 2
13:30 2h15 EDEXL/GCE 9MT0 04 Producing and Analysing

Thu 06 Jun 09:00 2h15 OCR H420/01 Biology A: Biological Processes Wtn
13:30 2h15 EDEXL/GCE 9GE0 02 Paper Two
13:30 1h30 OCR Y541/01 Frthr Mathematics A: Pure Core 2 Wtn

Fri 07 Jun 09:00 2h AQA 7132/3 Business ADV Paper 3
09:00 3h AQA 7262/W Drama and Theatre ADV Written
09:00 2h AQA 7692/2 Spanish ADV Paper 2 Writing
09:00 1h30 OCR H406/01 D & T: Prncpls of Product Design Wrtn
13:30 2h OCR H567/02 Psychlgy: Psychlgcl Thm Thrgh Std Wtn

Mon 10 Jun 09:00 2h30 AQA 7237/W Dance ADV Written
09:00 3h AQA 7172/2 Philosophy ADV Paper 2

Tue 11 Jun 13:30 2h15 OCR H432/02 Chem A: Synths & Anlytcl Tchnqs Wtn

Wed 12 Jun 09:00 2h AQA 7192/3 Sociology ADV Paper 3
09:00 2h EDEXL/GCE 9IN0 01 Listen.  Read. & Translate.
09:00 2h OCR H240/02 Maths A: Pure Mthmtcs Stats Wtn

Thu 13 Jun 09:00 2h15 OCR H420/02 Biology A: Biological Diversity Wtn
13:30 2h30 AQA 7652/1 French ADV Paper 1 List  Read & Writ
13:30 2h15 EDEXL/GCE 9GE0 03 Paper Three
13:30 2h30 WJEC/GCE A680U20-1 Media Studies Comp 2 Media Forms

Fri 14 Jun 09:00 2h OCR H567/03 Psychology: Applied Psychology Wtn
09:00 2h30 OCR H543/05 Music: Listening & Apprasing Wrtn
09:00 1h45 OCR H406/02 D & T: Prblm Slvng Prdct Dsgn Wrtn
13:30 2h OCR H240/03 Maths A: Pure Mhmtc Mchnc Wtn

Mon 17 Jun 09:00 2h AQA 7652/2 French ADV Paper 2 Writing
09:00 1h30 OCR H420/03 Biology A: Unified Biology Wtn

Tue 18 Jun 09:00 1h30 OCR Y543/01 Further Mathematics A: Mechanics Wtn
13:30 2h40 EDEXL/GCE 9IN0 02 Writ. Resp. Works & Trans

Wed 19 Jun 09:00 1h30 OCR H432/03 Chem A: Unified Chemistry Wtn

Thu 20 Jun 09:00 1h30 OCR Y544/01 Further Mathematics A: Dscr Mths Wtn
2h EDEXL/GCE 9RU0 01 Listen.  Read. & Translate.

Mon 24 Jun 09:00 2h40 EDEXL/GCE 9RU0 02 Writ. Resp. Works & Trans