House System

The Jersey College for Girls House system is an integral part of school life and helps support the ethos created at the College. Each student is placed, upon entry to JCG, into one of our six Houses. Austen Bartlett, Cavell, Curie Fry, Garrett Anderson, Inglis and Nightingale.

Each House is led by a team of Year 13 House Captains and House Prefects who coordinate House meetings, competitions and fundraising events for the two House charities supported on an annual basis.

In addition to House fundraising, students regularly raise money for charities such as Comic Relief and Children in Need as a whole school. We also donate hundreds of Christmas shoeboxes to children and vulnerable adults in Romania through Jersey Mustard Seed.

Competition keeps the House spirit alive. Sporting, musical, performing arts, academic and artistic events are among the wide range of ways points can be scored for each House.

The winners at the end of each House year (Easter – Easter) are presented with the prestigious ‘Cock House Trophy’. This award is part of the history of the College and winners are displayed on the wooden award boards in the Dome. The current holders of the title are Curie Fry.


Fundraising is an integral part of the House system at Jersey College for Girls. Fundraising events vary greatly and the students have great fun raising money for their chosen House charities.

The details of the fundraising events carried out by each House can be found on the individual House pages.

In addition, there are a number of events in which all Houses participate, again to raise money for their House charities. The Romanian shoebox appeal is another traditional way that JCG can help others. Students bring in shoeboxes filled with gifts for people in Romania to have at Christmas. Last year we donated over 550 shoeboxes and over £1100 to this very important cause. Christmas is a fun time in Houses with various themed sales and fayres taking place. The annual carol singing over three evenings in St Helier town centre also raised £300 in just two hours of singing.

As a college, we also support a range of other charities through whole school events, including children in need, swimarathon and comic/sports relief.

Along with fundraising, the students are encouraged to take part in community service activities. This has ranged from visiting care homes through to helping outside agencies with their work such as environmental organisations or street collecting for various charities. Others have used their musical or sporting talents to teach or perform to other people. Students should gain a different kind of gratification through giving their time rather than just their money, and many people have been helped this year by JCG students.

House Point Allocation

House points are awarded for all competitions. Most competitions are allocated Normal House point scores but there are some exceptions.

RankPoints Awarded

The following House events receive Normal point scores:

Sports day supporters prize House fashion
Junior/Senior Netball House Rounders
Junior/Senior General knowledge Junior/Senior Top of the Pops
House Science Junior/Senior Badminton
Junior/Senior Hockey Junior/Senior Football
House Music: Junior/Senior instrumental House Music: Junior/Senior Vocal
House Music: Composition House Music: Ensemble
Shoebox collection Eco collections
House Poetry Swimming gala

The following House events are scored differently:



Sports Day

Scores for each event are calculated and used to rank Houses 1st-6th for juniors (Y7-9) and seniors (Y10 and 12)
2 x Normal House point scores

House Drama

Non- Musical year = one play per House
2X Normal point scores (i.e 1st = 200 points)
1st-3rd only normal scores
=4th place other 3 houses
Musical year = junior and senior competitions including a collection of monologues, duologues and a spontaneous improvisation
Normal point scores per event (junior and senior)

House Choir

2 x Normal House point scores

House Art

Best overall House display (50 House points)
Best individual piece overall (50 House points)
Best piece in Key Stage 3 (25 House points)
Best piece in Key Stage 4 (25 House points)
Best piece in Key Stage 5 (25 House points)

Carol Singing

1 point per student attending

World Education Games

50% Normal House point scores


1 House point per length swum by team

Achievement Marks

Each house scores 1 point per 10 achievement marks achieved. Achievement marks to be recorded in SIMS

Austin Bartlett Cavell Curie-Fry Overview Garrett Anderson Inglis Nightingale