Academic Mentoring

At Jersey College for Girls, we believe that each student should receive individual help, support and guidance in order to fulfil the College’s aim to create an environment which enables everyone to perform at their best.

Academic mentoring is an integral part of the tutorial system and academic mentoring sessions are an opportunity for a conversation between a mentor and student related to learning. Academic mentoring enhances the ethos of tracking student progress to ensure that each student knows where they are with their learning, where they have made progress, what they need to do to improve and what targets they need to set in order to further their progress.

The aims of academic mentoring are:

  • To improve student attainment and encourage students to realise the importance of high expectations and empower them to achieve successful learning outcomes
  • To ensure that students feel valued and know that there is somebody available whose role it is to know them well, motivate, press and praise them as necessary in order to assist them with their learning.
  • To help students become more motivated and self-confident, take responsibility for their learning and make informed decisions about their subject or career options
  • To ensure that each student receives individual help, support and guidance.
  • To assist individual students in using the information provided by baseline testing and tracking.
  • To maintain good communication between students, tutors, subject teachers, Heads of Department, Heads of Year and the Assistant Head teacher Student Progress

Students should therefore have two or three individual meetings with their tutors per academic year to discuss their learning and set targets. They should also discuss progress and set targets with their subject teachers regularly, at strategic moments during the academic year. Students should keep a record of any targets that arise from the meeting. Where students only have two individual meetings with tutors, they will normally have a further meeting with another key member of staff to discuss their options and progress.

Academic mentoring sessions with tutors will mostly take place around the time that periodics and reports are issued. Each tutor will dedicate a block of time to his / her form group and agree targets. These targets should be recorded and we would encourage parents to look at them and discuss strategies to achieve them with their daughters.