Attendance Action



What it means?


99-100% Excellent Student able to meet full potential Achievement Mark / letter
96-98% Fair to Good Could mean up to 60 hours of lessons missed during the year. Achievement Mark as appropriate
91-95% Concerning By the end of the year 4 weeks of school will have been missed (up to 120 hours) Letter from Head of Key Stage (to parents and student) or tutor chat and follow up email
86-90% Low By the end of the year 6 weeks of school (a half term) will have been missed (at risk of underachieving) Letter from HOKS & EBNA/ Early Help/ FSW/ Attendance Plan (mention at PARM)*
85% and below Requires External Agency support Missing over half a term of school and there is clear evidence that low attendance is linked to low achievement. PARM and Ref EWT*


HOKS – Head of Key Stage

EBNA – Emotionally based non-attendance

FSW – Family Support Worker

EWT – Educational Welfare Team

PARM – Professionals’ review meeting