School Trips

Trips, expeditions and visits enable us to fulfil our vision for a student leaving JCG.

They will have a thirst for knowledge and already possess a broad understanding of the cultural, historical, geographical and scientific events and ideas which have fashioned their island and their world, and an eagerness to discover more … They will have happy and lasting memories of their time at College and an admiration for those people who have nurtured and shaped their learning.

We believe that students should have as broad an education as possible and part of that should include looking beyond the school grounds to broaden the curriculum and give everyone opportunities for on and off island visits.

Educational visits, expeditions and residential trips are an important aspect of the curriculum and exposure to a variety of experiences outside the classroom and off island should be part of a student’s school experience.

Expeditions, trips and visits can raise achievement by boosting self-esteem and motivation and developing key life and work skills and help to develop better relationships.

The curriculum content of many subjects is enhanced by trips and visits and in some subjects it is highly desirable, for example Drama students must have seen a number of plays and Geography students are required to do field work. Curriculum related visits must be accessible to all students completing the course and must therefore not cost in excess of the amount that can be granted to students on bursaries each year. At all times priority consideration should be given to meeting the educational needs of the students in the most cost effective manner.​

Notes about our offering of off-island trips and expeditions at JCG.

  • Some trips are offered across key stages so appear more than once.
  • The availability of trips may vary depending on staff availability, take-up of places, demands of the calendar, changes of circumstances in countries visited and costs.
  • Other opportunities for trips do become available and we do take advantage of this.
  • Trips are optional.

Planned Educational Visits

This list is produced in order that parents can see all that is on offer for the specified academic years before they make their choice. The list gives basic information. Trips are advertised at different times of the year. This list is regularly updated. Should your child be interested in any activity, they should obtain detailed information from the teacher in charge. Please note that our normal offering has been severely affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Autumn 2019

Name of VisitApprox DatesApprox CostTeacher in ChargeSuitable for Girls in Year
Silver DofE Qualifying Expedition11 – 14 SeptemberTBCJames Grogan11
BBC Good Food Show12 – 14 September£460Antoinette de Louche11

Spring 2020

Name of VisitApprox DatesApprox CostTeacher in ChargeSuitable for Girls in Year
Guernsey Sports Fixtures30 – 31 January£100Zoe MountfordVarious
Mock Bar Competition1 February£81Stuart Langhorn12
Paris Creativity Trip9 – 13 February£670Bianca Padidar12 – 13
London History Trip27 – 27 February£350Matthew Herbert11
San Sebastian1 – 6 March£800Peter Marett10 – 13
London Drama Trip2 – 5 March£650Katie Stirk11 – 13
Lucca2 – 7 March£975Jennifer Morris10 – 13

Summer 2021

Name of VisitApprox DatesApprox CostTeacher in ChargeSuitable for Girls in Year
Fiji1 – 21 July£3500Lisa Spiteri12