Sixth Form

With excellence comes responsibility – how am I going to use my knowledge, my skills, my gifts?

Our environment, our ethos and our enrichment seek to provide each student with the space to grow and flourish and to excel not only academically but as a human being who is compassionate, principled and balanced.

The sixth form at JCG is a place for students to excel academically, to extend their learning and to prepare fully for the next stage of their lives whether that be at university, in employment or elsewhere.
Our sixth form students are expected not only to attend lessons but also contribute to the wider life of the College. Our sixth formers are role models to the younger students here and also ambassadors for the school out in the wider community.

The sixth form at JCG is a place where the more you put in the more you will get out. Therefore I would urge all students in the sixth form to make the most of every opportunity, of which there are many.

Lisa Spiteri & Simon Milner
Heads of Sixth Form

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Senior Student Leadership Team 

Process for appointment of Senior Student Leadership Team 

Head Girl 

    • Nominations from staff to Heads of Sixth Form 
    • Shortlist created by Heads of Sixth Form and agreed by Principal 
    • Shortlisted candidates to present in whole-school assembly
    • Students to vote on shortlisted candidates following presentations
    • Staff to vote on short listed candidates 
    • Interview of short listed candidates by Principal, Heads of Sixth and current HG/DHG 
  • Selection made and confirmed by Principal 

Deputy Head Girl (Academic) and Deputy Head Girl (Pastoral) 

  • Selected during the above process 


    • Students apply to Heads of Sixth Form 
    • Nominations from staff to Heads of Sixth Form 
    • Shortlisting by Head Girl Team 
    • Applicants interviewed by current Prefects  
  • Prefect team (12 students) selected by Heads of Sixth Form and confirmed by Principal. 

House Captains 

    • Students apply to Heads of Sixth Form 
    • Head of House to discuss applications with Head of Sixth Form and form tutors 
    • Shortlist created by Head of House 
    • Shortlisted applicants interviewed by Head of House and current House Captains (Heads of Sixth Form/form tutor may join the interviews) 
  • Selections made and confirmed by Principal 

House Prefects 

    • Students apply to Heads of Sixth Form 
    • Head of House to discuss applications with Head of Sixth Form and form tutors 
    • Shortlist created by Head of House 
    • Shortlisted applicants interviewed by Head of House, along with a current House Captain and House Prefect  (Heads of Sixth Form/form tutor may join the interviews)  
  • Selections made and confirmed by Principal 

Music/Sport/Eco/Drama Captains 

    • Students apply to Heads of Sixth Form 
    • Link teacher to discuss applications with Heads of Sixth Form and form tutors 
    • Shortlist created by Link teacher 
    • Shortlisted applicants interviewed by teacher responsible and current Captains 
  • Selections made and confirmed by Principal 

Students who are Junior Prefects but are not appointed to any of the above roles may remain in their role as JP if they wish.

Timetable for Selection of Senior Student Leadership Team

Date Event

Friday 1st February Leadership and Teamwork Day

Monday 4th February Staff nominations for Head Girl/Senior Prefects (To take place in briefing)

Week beginning Monday 4th February Tutors to discuss job descriptions and applications with students in Form time

Thursday 14th February Final date for submission of application forms, Short list for Head Girl confirmed

Week beginning Monday 18th February Half Term

Monday 25th February Head Girl speeches in whole school assembly, Students and staff to vote (online) for Head Girl

Weeks beginning Monday 4th March, Monday 11th March, Monday 18th March Head Girl Interviews
Sports Captain Interviews
Music Captain Interviews
Eco Captain Interviews
House Captain and House Prefect Interviews
Senior Prefect Interviews

Week beginning Monday 25th March Final discussions/deliberations

Friday 5th April Full School Assembly –new senior student leadership team announced

Senior Student Leadership Team Role Descriptions and Application Forms

Head Girl Role Description

Deputy Head Girl Role Description

Prefect Role Description | Prefect Application Form

JC Prep Prefects Role Description

House Captain Role Description | House Captain Application Form

House Prefect Role Description | House Prefect Application Form

Music Captain Role Description | Music Captain Application Form

Drama Captain Role Description | Drama Captain Application Form

Sports Captain Role Description | Sports Captain Application Form

Eco Captain Role Description | Eco Captain Application Form