The Dome

The Dome

The Dome is our canteen facility located in the centre of Cheshire. All of our students have the opportunity to purchase food from the Dome in the morning before school starts, during break times and at lunch.

Students can purchase food using their school SmartCards or cash. An average meal would cost between £3 and £5. All students will be provided with a smartcard when they first join the College.

If your child wishes to bring in their own lunch – please note we have students with severe allergies within the College. We would kindly ask you to ensure that nuts are not brought into the College

Parents are able to top up SmartCards online using TouchTopUp.  To set up a TouchTopUp account please follow the instructions sent to you.  By using a TouchTopUp account, smartcards are credited within minutes and you can monitor your account, view balances and purchases.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact [email protected] 

Healthy eating at Jersey College for Girls

The College is a powerful place to not only shape the education of our students, but also their health and well-being. At JCG we strive to provide and deliver an excellent school meals service, which supports and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

We have introduced new initiatives to improve our school meals service and to ensure we are compliant with the Jersey Schools Food Standards. These standards ensure that the quality of food that is served at JCG reflects the principles of a healthy and well balanced diet.

Providing healthy food in schools is vital as we aim to prioritise our student’s health. We hope that by providing students with the opportunity of choosing a freshly prepared, nutritious and balanced diet, we can foster an environment where healthy food is enjoyed and positive healthy choices are instilled in our students throughout their lives. Recently published research has shown evidence of direct links between diet, learning and behaviour.

If you would like any further information on the Healthy School Standards please do not hesitate to contact the College.

April - July 2019 Menu
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Cream of Vegetable soup

Vegetarian bolognaise with tri colour pasta

Macaroni Cheese

Garden Peas

Salad Selection

Tomato soup

Roast Lamb

Roast stuffed peppers

Sides : Roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Leek and potato soup

Beef lasagne with garlic & coriander bread

Vegetable lasagne

Baby Carrots and peas

Salad selection

Portuguese tomato soup

Chicken & Mediterranean vegetable couscous.

Mediterranean vegetable couscous

Sides : New potatoes and mixed vegetables

Soup of the day

Homemade chicken nuggets

Bread haddock


Baked beans


Carrot and celery soup

Pasta with tomato and olive sauce

Sweet potato bake

Salad selection


Tomato goulash soup

Baked gammon

Vegetable Korma and basmati rice

Sides : Roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Sweet potato soup

Beef bolognaise with pasta

Vegetable hot pot

Carrots and peas

Salad selection

Lentil soup

Turkey lasagne with garlic & coriander bread

Vegetable goulash

Sides : Boiled potatoes, boiled rice and mixed vegetables

Soup of the day

Fish Fingers

Mini vegetable spring rolls


Baked beans


Cream of tomato soup

Macaroni cheese

Pasta carbonara

Salad selection

Butternut soup

Roast turkey crown

Quorn sausage with roasted vegetables

Sides : Roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Roasted peppers and pumpkin soup

Meatballs, tomato sauce & spaghetti

Greek vegetable pasta bake

Carrots and peas

Salad selection

Curried vegetable soup

Chicken korma with rice

Vegetable cottage pie

Sides : Minted new potatoes and mixed vegetables

Soup of the day

Cumberland sausage

Fish Cake


Baked beans

Every Day we also have available :

  • Jacket potato with a selection of fillings
  • Salad bar
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Rolls
  • Salad pots
  • Fruit pots
  • Fresh fruit
  • Yogurts
Dome Price list from January 2019
Sandwiches, Rolls and Wraps
Basic sandwiches and rolls £1.70 - £2.20
Multi filling sandwiches, rolls and wraps £2.00 - £2.70

Salad and Pasta Bowls
Medium 250ml £1.20 - £2.70
Large 500ml £1.50 - £2.70

Hot Meals
Main meal £3.00
Additional cheese topping £0.30
Baked potato plain £2.00
Baked potato with fillings ( beans, cheese, tuna) £2.50
Chips - Fridays only £2.00
Chips with 1 topping (beans, tuna, cheese) - Fridays only £2.50
Chips with 2 toppings (beans, tuna, cheese) - Fridays only £3.00
Bacon/Sausage small roll £1.50
Cheese/Tuna small roll £1.50
Salad bar items £0.70
Homemade soup £1.40
Homemade soup and roll £1.70
Assorted panini £2.50
Plain roll £0.50

Breakfast and Break items
Cereal box £0.60
Pain aux choc/pain au raisin/croissant £1.00
Jersey Luxury Yoghurt £1.00

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
Fruit - Apple, Banana, Orange, Pears £0.40
Grapes medium pot £1.00
Fruit salad (medium) mix from melon, pineapple, kiwi, peach, grapes and strawberries £1.40
Melon pots £0.80
Pineapple or melon boats £0.80
Water melon pot £0.80
Carrot small Pot £0.70
Baby tomatoes small pot £0.70
Cucumber stick small pot £0.70
Salad bar items £0.70

Selection £0.40 - £1.00

Selection £0.60 - £1.50