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Information for Starter Students

​Welcome to JCG!

We know that you will have many questions about starting a new school and we have tried to provide some information to help you. We hope that this is useful. If you think that we have missed anything, please do let us know (email [email protected]) and we will try to answer your queries and improve the information provided for future students. In the meantime, please don’t worry about starting with us as any member of staff or student around the College will try to help you if they can.

Welcome from JCG Students

I joined from St Clement's School with 2 other people from my primary. I was very scared about getting lost, making friends and homework. Despite my worries I didn’t get lost once, made friends instantly and the homework wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Just remember you are not alone, everyone has these worries.

I joined from Trinity Primary School, with 3 other people joining. As a result of this I was quite worried about not making many friends, but there were so many other people in the same boat, so it was easy to make friends.

Another worry that almost everyone has is getting lost. If you are afraid of getting lost then one of the best things you can do is leave lessons with a friend as there is a chance that they know where to go and it’s more fun to get lost with friends! When it comes to being late, Teachers are very understanding in the first couple of weeks. Each classroom has a letter alongside a number. This shows you which building the room is in. The College will provide you with a map to help you find your way around.

We find that one of the best ways to avoid any undue pressure is to be organised. We recommend packing your bag the night before instead of rushing in the morning; using your locker outside your form room as it is there for your benefit and also having the right equipment before you join.

When starting JCG, it is useful that you have an iPad or another device (although a phone would work too) but if you don’t have one, the school will provide you with one to use during the day.

Everyone who joins the school is put into a Form (all the people who are in your house and also in your year are in the same form as you) and a teaching group. As a Form, you enter a wide range of house activities throughout the year such as: Buddy baking, Buddy badminton, Sports Day, Top of the pops and more. These activities are really fun, and are a great way to get you more involved with your house.

At JCG we have 6 houses, these are as follows

  1. Austin-Bartlett (The house colour is light blue and the mascot is a dolphin)
  2. Cavell (The house colour is dark blue and the mascot is Eeyore -from Winnie the Pooh )
  3. Curie-Fry (The house colour is pink and the mascot is a flying pig)
  4. Garrett-Anderson (The house colour is red and the mascot is a dragon)
  5. Inglis (The house colour is green and the mascot is a turtle)
  6. Nightingale (The house colour is yellow and the mascot is a rubber duck)

When you join in Year 7, you will be allocated a ‘Buddy’. Your Buddy will be someone who is in the same House as you. Your Buddy will be in Year 12, which means they know the school well so don’t be afraid to ask them questions or go to them for advice as they are always willing to help. You can do this during ‘Buddy lunch’ which is a time for everyone in Year 7 to eat with their Buddy. You can also talk to your Buddy if you see them around the school during break or lunch.

At JCG we are very privileged as we have an amazing canteen called the Dome, which serves hot and cold food as well as drinks and snacks.

During lunch time, you can eat almost anywhere in the school, including the Dome, the terrace and most classrooms. The only exception to this rule is if you have hot food, you must eat either in the Dome or the terrace. We also have vending machines in the school; these are to be used before school, during break or lunch.

The College is also open after school if you need to wait to get picked up or want to study; a good place to study is the library, which closes at around 5:00pm.

JCG has a huge variety of clubs, some in lunch time, and some after school. We have artistic clubs, organising and planning clubs and sporting clubs.

If you don’t want to stay after school, but can’t be picked up, JCG have buses going to every parish. These buses go to school and from school. The buses will drop you or collect you from the main school car park. Of course, you can also be dropped by car.

We hope that this has been helpful and has answered many of your questions.

We look forward to meeting you in September.


Jessica Salter and Leoni Freeman

What should I expect on my first day?

All new students are asked to arrive in uniform and report to the main reception at JCG. KS3 Students will be required to arrive at 8am and KS 4/5 students will be required to arrive at 08:15am on their first day. The students will be met and greeted on their first morning, along with other new students who will also be joining at the same time.

On their first day the students will also be provided with their timetables, house group information etc. and shown where they will need to go when they have arrived.

What time are my lessons?

Our school times can be found here.

When are the school holidays?

All term dates are available in our School Calendar located on our website.

What were last year's exam results?

All of last year's results can be found here.

How can I contact my teacher?

All staff can be contacted via email. A list of all staff is available here.

What extra-curricular activities does JCG offer?

At JCG we have students of varying abilities and disciplines and we aim to give them a large range of activities to choose from. These do change on a termly basis so please refer here for a list of current activities.

Music and Drama

Every year we aim to put on a College production, rehearsals are extensive and some weekends are included as well as after school practice time. The productions at JCG are highly professional and extremely popular. For more information on Music and Drama Extra-Curriculars please click here.


Our students have the opportunity to take part in many sporting fixtures and clubs. For more information, please click here.

What off island trips does the College offer?

The College offers a large range of educational visits, for more information click here.

How can I track and receive feedback on my work?

All information on tracking and reporting is available here.

How is my work assessed?

All assessment information for the College can be found here.

What help is at hand for my progress and wellbeing?

You can talk to any adult member of staff if you are worried about something and your tutor is the first point of contact for you and your parents.

For information on Progress and wellbeing please click here.

What subjects do you teach at JCG?

All information about the curriculum at JCG can be found here.

What is academic mentoring?

Academic mentoring is an integral part of the tutorial system and academic mentoring sessions are an opportunity for a conversation between a mentor and student related to learning. Academic mentoring enhances the ethos of tracking student progress to ensure that each student knows where they are with their learning, where they have made progress, what they need to do to improve and what targets they need to set in order to further their progress. For more information on this please click here.

Does JCG have a Library?

The JCG library is situated at the heart of the College and is a bright and welcoming area for students and staff to visit, for more information please click here.

How much homework will I receive and how will I know what has been set for me?

For more information on Homework at JCG please click here.

Do you have a school bus?

Yes we do, for more information please click here.

Can I buy food at school and if so what do you offer?

At the College we have a canteen facility called the Dome which is located in the centre of Chesshire. All of our students have the opportunity to purchase food from the Dome in the morning before school starts, during break times and at lunch.


Please visit this page for more information including our sample menu and price list

What uniform do I need to wear?

All information on the College uniform can be found here.

What equipment do I need for my lessons?

Before starting at the College your parents will be given the opportunity to acquire a regulation College sports bag containing :

  • Recommended calculator
  • House t-shirt
  • Maths set
  • A laboratory coat and a school planner.

These bags will be individually named.


1 x Calculator
1 x Geometry set
1 x Protractor Set
The Maths Department has a stock of calculators and geometry sets that are ideal for use by students, especially because there is software available which allows the teacher to demonstrate the use of specific functions on the calculator to the class. Calculators and geometry sets can be purchased from the Maths Department in September. Cash or cheque will be accepted.

Food and Nutrition:

1 x Cooking Basket Aprons will be provided by the school


1 x Scientific Calculator
1 x pack of colouring pencils


1 x Pencil Case
2 x HB Pencil,
1 x Eraser
1 x 30cm Ruler,
1 x Sharpener
2 x Black Pens
2 x Blue Pens
1 x Notepad
Additional items are allowed.


1 x School Bag You will be able to bring a school bag of your own choice however please make sure it is large enough for all your school items and practical to carry.

Please note all items need to be clearly labelled.

What books do I need and where can I buy them?

We ask all students to purchase their own textbooks and an up to date list of required books and where to purchase them can be found here.

Some of our courses use an online textbook resource which the College provides free of charge, giving students the option to buy a physical book if they wish.

Despite the digital age, where information is easily accessible, many students still favour a physical text book over a digital equivalent.

In listening to our students and how they learn, they tell us that, where a good textbook is available, they would learn more effectively if they have ownership of the resources required for their studies. This personal ownership allows the textbook to be personalised and annotated according to the individual student’s need and style of working.

The new style of subject specific textbooks facilitates and encourages this further.  The structure of textbooks has developed considerably, with detailed contents and glossary pages and chapters which have a logical flow, building upon the prior knowledge acquired in previous chapters.  Different topics are usually presented in a similar stimulating format; this familiarity enables students to focus efficiently on the content and explanation.

Many textbooks contain pages with the key learning objectives, examination hints and self-assessment questions.

Furthermore, students embarking on their university studies feedback that their A level textbooks remain an essential resource during the initial months of their course.

Does JCG have houses?

Yes we do, for more information about the school house click here.

Do I need to bring a tablet or notebook to school with me?

Whilst having a mobile device is not compulsory, it is desirable. Many students bring their device into school to support their learning. For more information on Technology at JCG please click here.