25 June 2013 was a special day at JCG.

25th June 2013

Given the grand name of “A Day to Remember,” the plan was to give students an opportunity to achieve something in a subject area that they wouldn’t normally be able to do in the confines of a single lesson.

To this end, the timetable was collapsed for a day and students worked as a whole year group in the following areas:

Year 8 considered the environment under threat. In the morning they went to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, where they learned about habitat loss and its effect on wildlife. In the afternoon they worked in St Ouen with the National Trust for Jersey, clearing invasive species from National Trust land.

Year 9 took part in a Mathematics Team Challenge. Small groups rotated around activities roughly based on the key elements of the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Team Challenge: number puzzles, logical thinking (sudoku), a crossnumber puzzle, a maths problem relay and practical geometry (building a rhombic dodecahedron)

Year 10 had the day divided into two parts. First a carousel of activities organised by the Modern Foreign Languages teachers, then a carousel of activities organised by the English teachers.

Y7 and Y12 worked together on a cross-curricular theme: Science and Creativity. Each tutor group had a continent and an environmental issue to consider: North America – global warming, South America – deforestation, Europe – air pollution, Africa – endangered species/poaching, Asia – the human population explosion, Oceania – introduced species. They produced food, art/textiles and music/drama, all reflecting the continent and environmental issue.