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Upper School

Students are welcomed into Upper School when they start in Year 9, continuing through Years 10 and 11 when they complete their GCSEs. They remain in their House form groups throughout the three years they are in Upper School, with their form tutor playing a key role in their education and development, working as a team with the Head of Upper School and their assistant to support each student academically and pastorally to achieve their full potential.

Throughout Year 9, students are supported through tutor mentoring, careers development and subject support to choose subjects they wish to continue to GCSE exams. This includes both students and their families being invited into the College for GCSE Options Evening which supports their decision making and takes place each year in January. Some GCSE courses, such as the science subjects start in Year 9, the rest will begin at the start of Year 10 and all continue to Year 11 culminating in GCSE Exams at the end of Year 11. All subjects taught in Year 10 and 11 offer support clinics run by teachers and academic prefects which are available to students both during and after school.

Outside the classroom there is an extensive programme of extra-curricular opportunities as well as many events that allow students to represent their house and the school. The House system is incredibly strong and provides an opportunity for friendly competition, creative activities and fundraising challenges. We also hold many events specific to Upper School allowing the students to develop life skills, work together, bond as a team and develop resilience for the challenges to come. We look forward to welcoming your daughter into the Upper School for three formative and exciting year of her education.