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Technology for Learning

If you have had the opportunity to read our Four-Year Strategy (2021-2024) ‘Believe you can – Our mindset for Success’, you will have noticed that strand 3, Our Curiosity, focuses on innovative, reliable and beneficial use of technology to support learning.

The pandemic has forced us to adapt quickly and think creativelyand particularly think more deeply about how we use technology to better support our students learning. 

We believe that an imaginative and discerning use of technology will enable us to achieve greater success, accuracy and consistency in the following ways: 

  • Identifying gaps in learning and misconceptions (using artificial intelligence diagnostic testing)
  • Bridging gaps in learning by providing personalised learning pathways
  • Supporting students who miss learning due to other commitments or illness 
  • Supporting students who struggle with the pace of learning in lessons 
  • Providing students with the opportunity to review the lesson content at a later date 
  • Capturing an individual’s process of learning and hence seeing the impact of response to feedback in action 
  • Encouraging curiosity through readily available quick access to the internet in College 
  • Providing a safe space for collaboration and presentation of ideas 
  • Future proofing education for students who are not physically in the classroom 

We have already begun this journey, with lessons being shared using OneNote for reviewand students participating remotely via Teams.  

From September 2021 we are introducing two new initiatives:  

  1. Each Year 7 student will have a Century Tech account.  

This platform uses Artificial Intelligence to identify gaps in learning and misconceptions in English, Maths and Science, and generates individual learning pathways to bridge the gaps and to create additional challenges to extend learning. These pathways can be followed independently, or they can be teacher-led. As a parent you will be able to see the progress your daughter is making, her strengths and areas which require additional focus. 

  1. A weekly lesson dedicated to Digital Literacy.  Through these lessons we will introduce the Century Tech platform, develop confident and competent users of Office365 and thereby building digital skills.  We want our students to use technology with discernment to support thier learning. Our drive to use technology in a more innovative and creative way has additional environmental and wellbeing benefits. 

Reducing our impact upon our environment:  

  • Being able to annotate notes digitally and complete worksheets on screen will lead to a reduction in photocopying and use of paper 
  • The introduction of Century Tech ensures that textbooks for the Sciences are no longer required for KS3 

Student wellbeing: 

  • The use of Class Notebook improves student organisation and gives access to prior learning material.  Our students won’t be anxious that they have missed learning should they be absent
  • Cloud storage reduces risk of losing work 
  • Fewer books to carry around will reduce the weight of the rucksack 
  • Improves communication between students and teachers, allowing students to be more proactive learners. 
  • Allows students to access more readily our wealth of online resources, including wellbeing resources.