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Our Library

Well equipped with both study and reading resources, our library is situated at the heart of the College and is a bright and welcoming area for students and staff. It is a safe place that promotes not only a positive reading culture, but also a peaceful sense of purpose and calm mind where students can gather their thoughts and work at their own pace.

The library is also an information centre, which students can use to develop their subject knowledge and research skills, enabling them to access a vast range of non-fiction and reference books. In addition to this, we house an Employability Library, where students can browse the most up to date careers information booklets and university prospectuses.

The library uses a computer programme called ‘Reading Cloud’, which allows students to see if their chosen book is available, check on their loans and read the home page. Furthermore, students can leave reviews on books they have recently read and discover recommended books personalised for them. This programme not only helps students learn how to manage their usage, but also ensures that they will get the best out of university and public libraries. Students also have access to JSTOR, an online journal archive which sixth form students can use for extra reading and to gain insight into topics at university level.

The library is open until 5pm every day of the week during term time.