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JCG recognised for promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing


We are pleased to announce Jersey College for Girls has received the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS), the national gold standard for wellbeing in schools, from Optimus Education.

The award recognises schools that offer the highest quality provision and support for mental health and wellbeing.

In her report, our award verifier noted that all stakeholders in College had shown “a passion for the provision of wellbeing and a pride for their school and local community”. 

“It was a pleasure to see all stakeholders so animated and passionate about wellbeing for the whole community including pupils, families, staff, and senior leadership,” she added. “It is my recommendation that the college be awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools. Their achievement is well deserved.” 

Recent wellbeing initiatives at the College have included the creation of a standalone Wellbeing policy to support the community. In the summer, we held a Wellbeing consultation evening for parents and in September, Dr William Bird presented the physiological underpinnings of wellbeing to all staff. This was then adapted by our Head Girl and presented to our student in assemblies. 

We have also expanded the wellbeing infrastructure within the College to include an Individual Student Needs Hub, a quiet sensory room, and a multi-faith prayer space. 

The award verifier recommended we continue to involve parents in all areas of the school development and decision-making processes. In addition, she recommended that leadership skills for students continue to be promoted and implemented into lower Key Stages and classes. 

She also commended the planned investment into the campus, which aims to create a ‘biophilic’ environment, rich in experiences of the natural world, with an emphasis on outdoor learning. 

Our Principal, Carl Howarth, commented: “The Wellbeing Award for Schools has provided us with a rigorous framework for evaluating and enhancing the wellbeing provision for all members of our community. We are very grateful for our verifier’s support and guidance in navigating the requirements of the Award’s robust evaluation process. As well as the verifier’s recognition of the thoroughness of our multifaceted approach to wellbeing, we are particularly pleased that the areas for development identified are those already identified in our own School Development Plan.”