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Meet our Principal

Welcome to Jersey College for Girls; a place full of learning, kindness and vibrancy. 

In our College, students and colleagues have a passion for learning and the desire to be the very best people we can be. Our style of learning, whether in the classroom or our expansive co-curricular programme, is shaped around how they learn best and enables them to flourish. 

We believe that the JCG experience extends further than our walls and becomes part of the fabric of our students’ lives as they pass through our care. To put it simply, through our belief in them and our care for them, we empower our students to want to build a better world.

When the time comes for our students to leave JCG and move on to university or the working world, we aim to have equipped them to believe in themselves, relish opportunities, challenge prejudice and to deeply value the positive effect their service can have on their wider community. 

We recognise the importance of these precious years at JCG and the lasting memories they provide. They should be enjoyed to the full; happy children are more likely to thrive. Therefore, every decision we make has our students’ well-being at its heart. As such, we prize the strength of relationships that exist between us. Our students know how valued they are. 

It is a great honour to be the Principal of Jersey College for Girls and a great privilege to be given the opportunity to educate other people’s children. We hope that when you visit us, you too will feel the same strength of belonging and enjoyment as experienced by all within our College family.