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A level results

This is a remarkable generation of students, the first to sit their A levels without having had the benefit and experience of sitting their GCSEs. We are incredibly proud of our students and staff that despite the disruptive adversity of the pandemic, their fortitude, diligence and ambition, combined with exceptional teaching and care of our staff, has made for a truly brilliant set of results. 

To set the results in context, they are the highest ever set of results by students who have sat examinations with more than 57% achieving A* or A grades and 86% achieving A* - B grades. More than the terrific results, it is the character of our young people that inspires us most. We will miss them, though know they go onto even greater things as they seek to make our world better. 

Parents: Thank you for entrusting us with your daughter’s education and for being our partner, surrounding her with belief, encouragement and possibly a little patience at times. I know you too will delight in her achievement today and the person she has become.

GCSE results

Our students have absolutely excelled themselves not only academically but as remarkable and resilient young people. They have demonstrated incredible tenacity through this turbulent time combined with our continuous and unfaltering belief in them. 

It is important to remember that this cohort was in the final stage of Year 9 when we went into the confusion of lockdown. Our students and staff had to dig deep and pivot quickly to new ways of doing things especially during their Year 10, the first year of their GCSE study. 

Their shared approach and ultimate success of online and in-person learning was critical. This meant that no learning has been lost. Our students and staff have shown great agility in overcoming any obstacles and have thrived. These stellar results clearly demonstrate the depth of care, belief and academic excellence; our students have shown what can be achieved with positivity in the face of adversity. 

To put their achievement in context, these results are even better than the high point of Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) in 2021 and an uplift of 15% on the last formal set of examinations in 2019. 

81% of all grades were at the highest Grades of 9 – 7, with 32% of all grades being awarded the very highest Grade 9. The average set of grades was 5x Grade 8 and 5x Grade 7. At a time when, nationally, we are seeing a reduction in the number of the highest grades, this is a remarkable demonstration of sustained academic excellence. We are bucking the national trend. 

We are so proud of each of our students, staff and parents and the incredible partnership shown throughout this period. At times, life has been tough for each of us. However, the support and kindness given to one another was instrumental in reaching these new heights of personal success. More than any grades, it is this achievement of character that inspires me most. You did it!

I cannot wait to welcome our students and staff back in September and look forward to meeting the many new students who will be joining our sixth form.