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Financial Assistance

We aim to offer an education to all female students in Jersey who meet our academic entry criteria. Financial Assistance, from a number of sources, is available to help pay all or part of the school fees for your family. People from all backgrounds attend our school and your request will be treated in the strictest confidence. 

Financial Assistance is primarily aimed at families with a total household income of under £83,682. Please contact [email protected] if you have any queries.

Howard Leopold Davis Scholarship Trust
Provides assistance to students who must be born in the Island of Jersey or, if not, one of their parents must have been. The student must have attended a school in Jersey for not less than two years to qualify.

The Dome Charitable Trust
This Scholarship is available to a student, who without financial assistance , would not be able to attend College. The student must also show a very high degree of both ability and motivation, as well as the right attitude towards learning.

JCG Financial Assistance 
Each year the College puts aside funds to provide students with financial assistance of between 10% and 100% which is given following completion of the application form.

JCG Foundation 
This source of financial assistance may meet full or part of the cost of a student’s attendance at the College based on the personal circumstances of the applicants.

How to Apply

Please apply by completing the form(s) below. You will need to attach a copy of your Tax Assessment for the relevant year to your application before returning it directly to the College. 

 Applicants who will need to submit a complete copy of the previous year's certified accounts in addition to the application form include: 

  • Proprietors 
  • Partners 
  • Directors 
  • Substantial shareholders in any business undertaking, or trust, or who exercise control over that undertaking 


Divorced applicants/non-parental carers of children will also need to submit: 

  • any court orders relating to maintenance and care and control. 


Note: All income (including States Benefits) must be shown, whether taxed in Jersey or elsewhere. 

When Should I Apply?

The process for applications for long term assistance starts in December, when application forms are sent to existing recipients for renewal, and to applicants for the next Year 7 cohort who have indicated that they would like to apply. Applications will be considered in the Spring Term for an award the following September, so, for example, parents seeking assistance for their daughter coming into Year 7 would apply whilst their daughter is in Year 6.

Parents may apply for short term help at any point during the year.

Please note that it may take several weeks for your application to be processed.

Completed application forms along with the required Tax Assessment confirmation should be returned to the College by the date specified on the form (normally around the middle of February).

In order to be able to meet the deadline, parents will need to ensure that their income tax return is submitted online to the Tax Office as early as possible in January. Late applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

If an application is successful, a new application form must be completed and submitted each year.

Short term financial assistance

In addition to the application form, an accompanying letter explaining why assistance is required must be provided alongside any available supporting documentation.

Additional Assistance

Additional assistance is also provided to support with costs throughout the year such as school trips, extra-curricular activities, IT equipment, uniform, courses, university visits.

  • For students already receiving financial assistance towards fees, additional assistance will be granted automatically in proportion, e.g:
    • a student receiving 100% assistance towards fees will receive £1100 of additional assistance
    • a student receiving 50% assistance towards fees will receive £550 of additional assistance
    • parents/carers will be required to contact [email protected] to discuss and access these additional funds or complete the Additional Assistance Request Form below.
  • The total maximum monetary value a student can receive per academic year is £1,100.
  • Assistance is only provided for trips taking place within the same academic year.
  • The cost of books ordered by the College and Sixth Form sundries will be deducted from this additional financial assistance.
  • Where a student is not already receiving financial assistance towards fees, they will be required to complete the Financial Assistance Application form and attach the relevant Tax Assessment. Additional Financial Assistance is normally only applicable to households whose income is lower than the threshold for assistance towards the fees.

To apply, complete and return the Additional Assistance form to the contact below. 

Terms and Conditions

All financial assistance is for one academic year and recipients must reapply each year. The size of the award is related to the level of household income, assets and outgoings, so may vary from year to year (or cease altogether if there has been a significant increase). All parents are asked to make some contribution towards their daughter’s fees. Financial Assistance is awarded subject to satisfactory attendance, behaviour and academic performance. Awards may be withdrawn from students who fail to meet these conditions.  


Should you require further details please contact: [email protected].


Additional Assistance Request Form

Financial Assistance Application Form