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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision for a Student

Students leaving JCG at the end of their studies will: 

  • Enjoy life to the full, value their friendships and achieve balance in their lives
  • Have a thirst for knowledge 
  • Have a good range of interests, including the Arts and sport, which they want to pursue 
  • Leave us with an excellent record of achievement 
  • Have ambition, motivation and staying power 
  • Have grown as individuals who are happy, well-mannered and able to find fulfilment in their service to others 
  • Be conscious of the advantages they have enjoyed 
  • Want to have a positive impact on her community and the world 
  • Have happy and lasting memories of their time at College.

This aspiration is, I hope, your aspiration. These ideas bring our values of ‘Aspire, Inquire, Excel and Belong’ to life.

Carl Howarth

Our Vision for a member of Staff

(This vision is not a statement of what is but what we as individuals strive to achieve. As such, the College strives to be the environment to facilitate and support this endeavour.)

Our staff recognise that they are one of their students’ greatest influences and are passionate about what they do, drawing on the rich and fulfilling experiences they have in their lives beyond the classroom. They aspire to be the best they can be, are trusted and their professionalism is respected and valued by students, colleagues, parents and the wider community.

Our staff strive to pass on their passion for learning and inspire their students. They are focused on what is best for their students and endeavour to know and understand them.

Each of our staff contributes to a calm, collegiate, happy and purposeful organisation which cares for and invests in us as individuals and valued members of a team. Our staff care deeply for our students, encouraging them to achieve the vision JCG has for its students.

Our staff feel their career aspirations are known, valued and supported; that their professional learning is recognised, nurtured and tailored to them as an individual. Our staff engage with and participate in research and critical inquiry in order to refine their practice. Our staff feel empowered and encouraged to innovate, be creative, curious and to inquire, with space to re-design and re-think how we do things for our students, not only in their studies but in the wider aspects of their lives.

Our staff seek to excel as educators and in doing so, have a positive impact on our students, our colleagues and our community.

Our staff enjoy working in the exciting, vibrant JCG community, where colleagues and students possess a strong sense of belonging.

Carl Howarth