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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy Curriculum

Our Digital literacy curriculum is a bespoke and dynamic programme delivered through a weekly lesson and designed to develop both the skills and knowledge that enables our students to adopt a blended approach to learning. Our vision is that through this blended approach our students will develop the learning habits which prepare them for a lifetime of learning - resourceful, reflective, resilient and reciprocal learners.

Technology is tool and through the digital curriculum students will learn how to use these tools to support their learning in other curriculum areas: English, French, Maths, Geography, History, RS, Science etc.

During the academic yearstudents learn how to: 

  • Use the suite of Office365 apps, including Word, OneNote (Class Notebook), Outlook and PowerPoint.
  • Use the keyboard and digital crayon to efficiently take notes and annotate.
  • Upload work and create online file structure in order to safely and sensibly save work using OneDrive, cloud-based storage.
  • Use immersive reader and audio recording to develop their English and French language skills
  • Use the Century Tech platform to identify learning gaps and follow individualised learning pathways to bridge the gaps.
  • Use the ShowMyHomework app to manage home learning tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Trouble shoot their device when it is not behaving in a way that is expected.
  • Manage the security of their device and use strong passwords.
  • Manage and identify the risks of a digital footprint and, importantly, how to be safe online.

We envisage the course to be dynamic, the content to change and develop as appropriate to ensure it meets the needs and skillset of our students.