Bailiff’s Ukraine Appeal

Please help the students of JCG raise money for the people of Ukraine

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iPad: Apple Manager Terms and Conditions

All devices purchased through the College will be connected to the College's Apple School Manager and MDM solutions. This will allow us to give better support to students with their devices. If your child has a device not purchased through the College, we still recommend that their device be connected our Apple School Manager and MDM solutions.

Connection to The College's Apple School Manager will allow the following :

  • School Apple ID's
  • WiFi pre-set up and device level / age appropriate web filtering enabled
  • Apps pre-installed
  • Shortcuts to WebApps pre installed
  • Ability to help student with forgotten passcodes
  • Ability to enforce passcodes
  • Apple ID same login as school login
  • Ability to push out OS updates
  • Loan devices using shared iPad logins when devices are being repaired or forgotten

Once a device is no longer being used for school work at JCG the device will be removed from our systems.*%20can't,%2C%20security%20questions%2C%20and%20more