Annual Guernsey Tennis Competitions

2nd July 2013

Tuesday 2nd July:

Up early to meet at the Jersey airport, the tennis team – all still half asleep, were ready (set) go! Kindly welcomed by Guernsey Grammar, we had time for a quick warm up, spurred on by Miss Lovell who was raring for us to hit the courts.

The junior superstars Sadie Ruellan and Natasha Forrest won their first match 6-1, 6-0 before quickly closing out their second: 6-0, 6-0. Their brilliance deservedly won them the best junior pair trophy! Well supported by the 2nd junior pairing of Katie Peggie and Lucy Clark, they secured the juniors a comfortable overall win against Guernsey Grammar.

 Sadly the seniors were not quite as successful. Although both pairs played well won a match, coming up against a fearsome county player across the net, they lost the other match. We unfortunately lost as we conceded more games overall. Well done to Guernsey Grammar for being the Senior tournament winner despite a spirited effort by the Jersey girls.

 Wednesday 3rd July:

The second day kicked off with another early start and a yummy breakfast at the Rocquettes Hotel. The junior team continued their winning streak against our hosts, The Guernsey Ladies’ College. Their ability to simply out-power their opponents bodes well for the future of JCG tennis.

 The three senior pairings all played three matches each. Despite losing, the 3rd pair Sienna Major and Brooke Knaggs-Slatter surprised themselves with how well they played, stepping up to the challenge of competing against opponents much older than themselves and making us all proud. The 1st pair Rachel Leck and Jenna Volpert won all their matches quite convincingly having learnt from their mistakes the previous day. It came down to the wire with the 2nd pairing of Danielle Hugo and Sylvie Wilson who played to a one set draw before securing the championship point to the wild celebratory applause from the rest of the team. So it was a win for both age groups against Ladies College.

 It is said that sport does not build character; it reveals it. A lot of tennis was played over the two days – all of it played with great spirit and pride in representing JCG. We wore our school tennis kit and a smile to match.

 We endured and enjoyed the busy schedule. Determination and teamwork brought us all closer together resulting in lots of fun and banter on and off the courts.

 We look forward to welcoming both Guernsey Grammar and The Guernsey Ladies’ College to JCG in 2014.

 Jenna Volpert

Tennis Captain