Antonio Olmos Visit to JCG

12th June 2013

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”- Dorothea Lange
Photojournalist, Antonio Olmos embodies this entirely; born in Mexico, USA educated and now living in London, Olmos came over to Jersey and to JCG specifically to talk about politics, history and first but foremost photography. Antonio’s ability to effortlessly flow from his love of photography to the history of the countries he has been to and the people he has encountered was incredible. The modesty of his achievements and the way in which he speaks left the whole room at ease and in awe.
Through witty anecdotes and awe inspiring stories, Antonio Olmos used the perfect balance of humour, knowledge and experience to display how being able to see and capture different perspectives, relate to the people around you and the raw ability to see what others do not, is what shapes and creates a photographer.
Photos give you a snapshot of time only revealing what can be seen; it is in this way that Olmos’ photos provoke further thoughts and questions, using individuals and events to represent a country as a whole, giving a more personal and unique quality to his work, thereby representing the differences between a photographer and a photo journalist.
In Antonio Olmos’ own words, “politics simply gets in the way of humanity” whilst using his skill, insight and passion “freezing moments of humanity” (-Mr. Barnett) and ultimately making the unseen, seen.

By Lia Eversfield (Year 12)