Arek Hersh MBE, Holocaust Survivor

2nd April 2014

On Wednesday 2nd April, The Jersey College for Girls Inquiring Minds Lecture Series hosted Arek Hersh MBE, Holocaust Survivor.

JCG were provided with an opportunity to learn from the harrowing experiences that Arek Hersh endured as a young Jew living in Poland during the Second World War. Until 1995 Arek had been unable to speak about his experiences but our audience were both privileged and moved to hear Arek’s story told in his own words. As the audience left the hall there was an incredible sense of awe at how one man had survived the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust and we were left with a lasting reminder of the effects that intolerance can have when left to escalate to such extremes. A collection was held at the end of the night which raised a fantastic £560 which has gone towards the National Holocaust Centre where the money will be spent on education programmes to preserve the memory, testimony and records of Holocaust survivors for teaching, learning and research.