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College Awards

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During our last assembly, our Deputy Head Girl Chloe presented this term's College awards. Here is an extract from Chloe's speech:

"Our first award goes out to an incredible individual who has contributed to the creation of our culture club. This has been a fundamental part of our College this year and in addition to this, she has helped to expand our celebration, acceptance, and integration of religious diversity in the school. For those reasons, I am delighted to present this college award to Amal."

"Our second award goes out to an individual who has played a vital role in the celebration of cultural diversity and identity in the college. Her work with the LEAP programme and the Festival of Cultures is impossible not to recognise. For those reasons, it my pleasure is to present this college award to Aarya."

"Our third, and final award goes out to an individual who has made incredible contributions to the learning of others. As a junior prefect for biology, she leads a support club for Year 7’s and goes out of her way to help them with their understanding of science. For this reason, I am happy to present the third and final college award to Kyla."