Thank you to our students

Thank You

A huge thank you to our students, parents and colleagues for their calm support and understanding at this challenging time.

PE 140K Challenge Update

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We would like to thank all staff and students who have contributed to our PE 140 Kilometre Challenge to mark our 140th anniversary.

The majority of form groups in the school reached 140 kilometres very quickly and therefore, a second target of 1,400 kilometres was set. As a college, we covered a total of 21,442.64 kilometres in six weeks. As the crow flies that means we would have travelled from Jersey to Dunedin, New Zealand and then by land transport to Kaitaia, New Zealand.

Overall student individual achievement: Libby (Year 10) 

Overall staff individual achievement: Mrs Greenwood

Overall staff team achievement: Senior Leadership Team 

Year 7 winner: Cavell 

Year 8 winner: Inglis 

Year 9 winner: Inglis

Year 10 winner: Garrett Anderson 

Year 11 winner: Nightingale

Year 12 winner: Garrett Anderson 

Year 13 winner: Nightingale