140th Bursary Appeal

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Students raise money for RNLI

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From Wednesday 28th April, two students, Aurelia and Mia, have chosen to fundraise for the RNLI:

Selling merchandise and a sweets in a jar competition:

Thursday 29th April at break and lunchtime in the hall. Prices will be up to £3. 


This is only for lower school. The questions will will be emailed to students. The deadline for the quiz is Friday 7th May. This is purely for awareness so no money required. However if you want to make a donation then you can. The person with the most correct questions will win a prize.

Money in a jar competition: 

The aim of this competition is to be the form that fills the most jam jars with any form of coins or notes. The deadline for this competition is Friday 7th May. Please make sure that your jars are labelled so we know which jars belong to which form. Once your form is happy with your jars that you have filled then please take then to Mr Marett before the deadline. There will be a prize for the form that fills the most.

Here are the links that were in our assembly: