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Textiles student highlights impact of fashion on water resources in EPQ project

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Ava in Year 13 has chosen to highlight how much water is used in the production of clothes as part of her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). 

For her project, titled “The Detrimental Effect of Water Consumption in the Fashion Industry”, Ava, gathered items of clothing from charity shops and stitched onto each garment the amount of water that goes into its production. She then hung these items on a washing line in the Dome at JCG. 

“The fashion industry uses a lot of water, and we need to educate people on how to face this issue,” Ava said. 

“There are many consequences caused by our fashion industry. One of which is water scarcity; freshwater sources are depleting due to the enormous demand from the fashion industry and water is being taken from already water-stressed regions. 

“For example, 2 billion people are already affected by water shortages in over 40 countries. This insufficiency has a damaging effect on local communities, limiting their access to clean drinking water and agricultural practices, and setting up a cycle of poverty and inequality. 

“Secondly, the pollution from the fashion industry, including hazardous chemicals and dyes can find its way into water bodies such as lakes filled with aquatic ecosystems, distrusting their habitat, and damaging marine life, as well as compromising the quality of water resources, which affects not only aquatic life but human population.”

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