Cry Jersey Student Apprentice Challenge – Boardroom

28th April 2016

On Saturday 19th March JCG students took over the CRY Shop in New Street.
A team of 9 Year 10 students supported by a sixth former had collected donations from the College community, baked cakes and generated a marketing campaign. They had a busy day but can’t know the results until they face their competitors from Beaulieu Convent School in the Board Room.

Beaulieu Convent School’s team ran the shop on 16th April and both groups face Sir Alan (Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst) on Saturday 30th April where they will find out the results. After an evaluation of their performance, the students will find out which team has made the most money for the charity on their respective days.

The board room experience will take place at the Pomme D’Or Hotel at 10am and the winners will be in for a treat whilst the losers will retire to a nearby café for a debrief.
‘We would like to thank Cry Jersey for initiating such a great fund raising challenge to both schools and thank the Pomme D’Or for sponsoring the event. We wish both teams good luck and hope ‘Sir Alan’ is impressed!’ commented Peter Marett, Assistant Head Teacher, JCG.