Design a JCG charm competition

1st July 2011

Hi, I’m Charlotte Pollard, I’m in 7 C-F and I won the design a charm competition. I heard about it first in assembly and then again the next day in form and thought I’d give it a go.

The charm had to be about the school, so I decided to do something with the school crest. I looked around the school searching for different designs of the school crest and found that when ever it was minimised only the three lions from the crest stayed on the design and the J.C.G. logo disappeared. I therefore decided to do the crest, but with the J.C.G. logo added instead of the lions.

They announced that I won in assembly and I was overjoyed! The next day I was called to Mr.Howarth’s office and told that I would attend a work shop at Aurum jewellers where I would watch my charm being made. I was so excited.

When I went to see my charm being made I was slightly nervous. But when they showed me around the workshop I was fine. I got to help make my charm by sticking the design onto the silver, cutting the design out of the silver and filing it a little bit. This was really fun to do and cutting the silver with a saw is easier than you think! Charlotte Pollard - JCG Charm