Granville Exchange

25th June 2012

On the 10th May our penpals from André Malraux school, Granville arrived at JCG. We had sent letters to them months before but this was our first time meeting each other. We did many activities including making posters about our national cultures, touring around the school, eating lunch together and attempting to converse in French (for us) and English(for them).
We said goodbye and exchanged facebook names and left them to explore St Helier. It was a great experience and we were keen to meet again- next time in their home town.
A couple of weeks later on the 31st May we arrived in Granville town after a boat and coach trip and had dinner in a French ‘cafétéria’. We stayed the night in a very nice hotel. In the morning we were up and ready, after a good French breakfast, to meet our penfriends and to see their school.
Gemma Daubeney- y8


On the 1st of June we got the coach up onto a big hill where André Malraux School is. As we walked towards the school we were greeted by our penpals and taken to the ‘cantine’ where we sat down to a second breakfast.
Madame Renaud and the other French teachers exchanged gifts and speeches and we began making conversation with our penfriends. Sitting in the ‘cantine’ with large glass windows looking out over the sea we could not wait for the day ahead.

One of the activities we did in Granville school was a quiz around the school. We were put into groups with our penpals and had to answer a number of questions about the school. This gave us a chance to see what a French school is like and how different it is compared to ours. It was very big and a bit like a maze.

The first activity we did was a lot like speed dating. We had to sit in a circle opposite a French student. We had 2 minutes to speak with them either in French, English or Spanish. Many of us were surprised at how much we could actually say in French.

After break, which we spent chatting to our ‘correspondants’, we went back to the classroom where Madame Renaud agreed to meet us. We were then sent off to Latin and Greek classes which I found very interesting.
Rebecca Willing- y8Granville Exchange

We went into the ‘centre ville’ after having visited the school. We had an hour of free time to go shopping in groups of four. I mostly bought food but some of my friends bought birthday presents or ice creams. I think Granville is a very pretty town and the Granville exchange was a great opportunity to discover it.
Penelope Azuelos- y8