Hard Work and Resilience pays dividends once again at JCG

2nd September 2016

Carl Howarth, Principal of JCG, stated, ‘we are very proud and delighted for our students and staff. Once again, everyone has worked tremendously hard and shown great resilience through a period of substantial change within the A level examination structure. Over a third of our grades are at the very top band of A* or A with over 90% A* – C and the College continues to achieve a 100% pass rate. These important results enable our students to pursue a wide range of degrees including Medicine, Engineering, Languages, PPE, Pharmacy, Law and Teaching. We wish them every success and happiness as they venture on to universities ranging from Oxford, Durham, UCL, Exeter, local and international institutions to name just a few. We also congratulate our students choosing to stay in the Island to work who have all secured positions in a range of local businesses.’