Hawksford JCG Debate

6th November 2013

Wednesday 6th November 2013 saw JCG host the third in the Hawksford JCG debate series.
In light of the success of the first two debates JCG invited Grainville to join forces and two teams were formed with a mix of students from each school. The motion for this debate was ‘This house believes it is better for Jersey for me to stay than to go’ and looked at the benefits to Jersey of students leaving the island at the age of 18 to study or work elsewhere or whether it was beneficial for students to remain on the island and utilise the courses and jobs available to them. This debate was led by Matthew Price a familiar voice in the mornings as the presenter of the BBC Jersey breakfast show.
Initial voting took place which indicated the majority of the audience was against the motion prior to the debate commencing. Grainville and JCG students both presented their arguments in what was a well thought out and at times slightly ‘heated’ debate. The final vote saw the audience very much against the motion with minds changed from the initial voting. The evening closed with drinks and canapés allowing the debating of a very important topic to continue in a more relaxed environment.

Hawksford Debate 2013Hawksford Debate 2013