House Play Competition October 2010

20th October 2010

The annual House Play Competition, now in its second year, took place on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th October.

Three houses performed each evening and the plays were varied and entertaining. The students are expected to create the plays entirely on their own. Help from staff is limited to assistance with play selection and supervision of rehearsals only.

The first evening saw the entries from Austen Bartlett, Curie Fry and Nightingale. Austen Bartlett chose a new work called Freedom which centred on Emily and her troubled family life. The play was beautifully crafted and very well performed by all. Curie Fry produced one scene from Pygmalion by Shaw and had everyone laughing at their caricatured performances. Find Me was the play from Nightingale, a highly challenging true story about a young girl’s struggle with autism.House Plays2 2010

The second night started with an excellent Noises Off from Cavell. The play was lively and very funny. Following this was Theresa, a very serious drama from Inglis about a lady who died at Auschwitz. The play was sensitively handled and really well staged. Finally, Garrett Anderson had the audience in stitches with their excellent production of Steaming. Acting performances were outstanding from all.

Our judges, Jane Wakeham, Pat Sabey and Tom Dingle were extremely impressed and took a long time to decide on the winners because of the very high standard. A huge thank you to them for their time and expertise and well done to all houses on another excellent competition. Results will be published next term.